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Aug 14, 2006 08:56 PM

Portland -- Real road food / lobster shack

Hi -- Heading into Portland on a moto ride and looking for a real road food / lobster shack for lunch on a Sat. Any thoughts?

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  1. The BEST lobster rolls I ever had were in Bangor at a roadside shack called "McLaughlin's". I highly recommend taking the extra drive up to Bangor.

    The rolls are so fresh, and they grill them with a little bit of butter. The lobster meat is super sweet and fresh, and they dress it with a little bit of mayo, salt/pepper. No cucumber, pickles, or celary garbage added! It's the best! I would drive all the way from NJ to get them!!

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      I totally disagree.... Sorry....
      McLaughlin's is good but certainly not good enough to drive for hours. In Bangor, Captain Nick's has a bigger and better Lobster roll, and I think for less money. Neither of these places are fishermen, but Portland has Lobster Rolls sold on Commercial Street by fisherman or Lobster Houses that caught the Lobsters that day......

    2. Heading in from where....the south....the west?

      1. Bangor is North. You have to take I-95N for a couple of hours. You might also want to stop at the Clam Shack in Kennebunk along the way. Great fried clams and lobster rolls.

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          Uh, Kennebunk is the opposite direction from Portland from Bangor....

        2. If you come from the North a place on 201 between Augusta and Waterville called Red Barn. It has all the typical "Fried Baskets of Food", however, the lobster roll is worth a drive. Also, if you are coming from the North, Ken's on 201 in Skowhegan has the best lobster stew. Order a small if you want dessert.

          1. Thanks -- heading in due East on Route 25 from Sugar Hill, NH