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Hummus at Costco!

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I bought a tub of hummus at Costco this weekend -Hannah's classic, $6- on the recommendation of a middle-eastern friend. Really good, really authentic tasting hummus!

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  1. Huh, I try not to buy too large a tub of unfamiliar (in the sense of never tried that brand) products at COSTCO as they tend to disappoint. But I'll look into this.


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      Oh the hummus is fine. We used to buy it and eat gobs of it at a time. Then I started making my own and prefer it, but the Costco plain hummus is good.

    2. The Safra brand? I love that stuff. I also hestitated to buy it at first in case we didn't like it. My 2 year old son LOVES hummus with pita and carrot sticks, so we go through a lot of it in our house. I love the smoothness of the Safra hummus and the flavor is great too! I like it spread on some pita or arabic bread with some chunks of Costco rotisserie chicken meat. Yum!

      1. It's the "Hannah" brand, I can't vouch for anything else. Also, add a dash of olive oil before you serve it (not mixed in).

        1. I like those hummus too. Our Costco carries big tubs of kim chee for $6 too (it was good!), but my husband won't let me buy it anymore.

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          1. Yes. I've been buying Hannah's for years. I was buying two tubs a visit for a while. There is classic and pepper hummus, which is a bit spicy. I like the newer box containers vs. the old cylinder style. I personally prefer Hannah's to Sabra, which I find tasty in flavor but odd in texture and consistency. At the Costco in Queens, NY, they offer both brands. Hannah's also makes a tabouli which is just decent.

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              we like the Hannah's hummus with jalapenos quite a lot. It has a touch of cumin in it - we got the tabouli once and it tasted good, but the texture and taste of the parsley was off - too coarse, and obviously a bit soggy and lacking in freshness.

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                The texture of Sabra hummus *is* a little odd, but not in a bad way IMO. I think the flavor and consistency are terrific. Sabra's hummus with pine nuts... oh yeah!

                I don't generally go to Costco but I wonder if they have Sabra at the NJ Costcos.

                Not sure if I've ever tried Hannah's.

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                  I also shop at Qns Costco, and generally avoid big tubs of prepared food that I cannot consume in couple of days (had bad precedent of food-poisoning). But last night, we needed something quick for the double-feature/picnic at the Socrates Park, so I grabbed Hannah's roasted pepper/jalapeno hummus. Mmmmmm, so good! I loved the chunkiness from the bits of peppers in it. Went well with Damascus bakery pitas (also from costco) and $3 bottle of Fuzelo from the liquorstore next door.

                2. We have been living on Sabra roasted garlic humus all summer. Whole wheat roll up bread (Costco) and grape tomato sandwiches are a MAJOR staple in our house. My husband eats at least one/day. I live between 2 Costco stores - one carries the Sabra brand, the other the Hannah. We prefer the Sabra roasted garlic, but Hannah brand is almost as good.

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                    Re: whole wheat roll-up bread - don't mean to get too far off topic, but is this the flatbread that claims to be low-carb, comes in a resealable bag, with little comparison pictures on the back to show how it's better than regular wraps/bread for sandwiches? I've been using it all summer for breakfast burritos!

                    1. re: theannerska

                      I know this is about hummus, but do you know the name-brand of flatbread that you mentioned? I have been racking my pea-brain for an hour and can't think of it.

                  2. Our Costco carried a brand called Basha, from Inkster, MI according to the label. It's quite good and also about $6 for a 32 oz. tub. Often for a quick lunch, I put some in a whole wheat pita with alfalfa sprouts and fresh tomatoes. Very good!

                    1. The Costco in my area (NoCal) carries Meza brand hummus. Pretty good stuff. The big tub actualy tastes better than the small ones they sell at the local grocery stores. It's splashed with roasted pine nuts, also.

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                        My local (Santa Clara) Costco carried Sabra for a while, which I love. The texture is extremely smooth and creamy and the flavor is better than TJ's or other brands I've tried. Sometime last year, the Costco switched to the Meza brand hummus. I did NOT like this very much. Thankfully, earlier this summer the Sabra was back! I go through a tub of this stuff by myself every 2 weeks.

                        If you want some variety, roast some bell peppers (or buy a jar at the store) and blend them w/ some hummus in the food processor. Or add anything you like, like hot sauce, chilis, roasted garlic, etc. I'll add some Buffalo chipotle hot sauce to it too.

                      2. i tried the basha brand a few months ago and it is quite good. and a way better deal compared to the "steve's backroom" brand humus that i have bought for a long time at my local market.

                        1. At Trader Joe's last week, I saw a new type of hummus labeled "Mediterranean Hummus" or something similar. It looked creamy, like the Sabra stuff from Costco. I didn't try it but I'll bet it is the same stuff. A taste-test or label comparison would reveal the source.

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                            Our Costco used to have the Hannah brand of hummous. It really was the best. They switched over to Basha (perhaps a higher profit item?). I tossed the whole tub of Basha...it was not good. Meza at Sam's isn't too bad but I would love to find Hannah again here in Chicago. I can't find an address or phone number for them on the web. Does anyone know where I can buy this product or where they are located so I can track them down?

                            1. re: twodales

                              Costco caps their profit margins to 14-15% and if they can pay less wholesale, they pass it on to the consumers. Don't think they switched products over profits, most likely Hannah wasn't available or not popular enough at your locale. I would talk to the floor manager at Costco.

                          2. we only have the Sabra brand in Industry, Ca. But I concur the stuff is great and I eat monstrous amounts of it. It's amazing how it's only 60 calories per 2 tbsp!

                            I can't believe it's not butter

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                              Corndog, I used to like Sabra until I saw how much fat is in the 1 ounce serving...of the 80 calories, 60 are fat calories. It may not matter to you, I understand...just gently pointing it out...now I make my own hummus--not as smooth and creamy as Sabra, I'll admit but tastes wonderful. Here's my research:

                              1. re: Val

                                Interesting... I can't eat that much of it at a time anyway (beany distress)... but I didn't realize the fat content.
                                Just bought a big, happy tub of it yesterday at Sam's - it's $5.43 here. Also a bag of Stacy's Pita chips. (sigh)

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                                  If you can, maybe take it all to work and put it out for everyone so that they can help you eat it and everyone will love you. Just an idea...that's usually what I do with evil foods that I crave from time to time like Paula Deen's pine bark which makes a big batch...take it into the office and then I just have a little hit of it to scratch my itch--and then everyone loves me.

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                                  I assume this is mostly because the Sabra contains more tahina - it tastes it. Sesame is a good addition nutritionally in other ways, My costcos (Brooklyn and NJ) carry both Sabra and Hannahs (including the spicy roasted pepper version, fortunately.

                              2. I am VERY disappointed in Sabra Hummus.
                                I have beeen eating it liberally for a while, thinking that it is good for me, and today I looked closely at the label.

                                It has TWICE the fat as regular Hummus, and the "fat" is NOT Olive Oil. It is soybean oil.

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                                1. re: beauxscott

                                  Compared to homemade Sabra sucks but is one of the most common brand out there and maybe the better mass produced

                                  Hummus is to easy to not make at home

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                                    its hard to believe its that bad for you either, with so little fat overall (50 calories in 2 tbsp, and that includes the tahina), Hannahs (which I like texturewise a little less than sabra) which Cosco also carries and claims to be organic also has 10 cal less per serving and claims a mix of olive sesame and sunflower oils.)

                                    Its hard to find commercial foods that use pure olive oil - the costco pesto, with DOP genovese basil, for example includes vegetable oil othr than olive,

                                  2. I saw this pop up in my profile from 2006. Yes, I've been on this site that long!

                                    Anyway, its so easy to make your own hummus if you do any regular cooking that I can't imagine ever buying hummus at costco again. Buy dried chickpeas, soak overnight, boil next night while you're making that night's dinner. then, the next night puree the chickpeas according to a recipe that uses no olive oil, only tahini, lemon, garlic - and the key - water(!). the water gives it the right consistency. Jerusalem cookbook has a good one.

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                                    1. re: fara

                                      ...Or you can just used canned chickpeas and make it on the same night instead of stretching it out over three nights....I got into making hummus for a while but I found scraping out and cleaning the food processor was a pain in the ass. I usually just buy it from my local falafel shop these days as I don't eat it as much as I used to back in 2006. However, I have always wanted to make it from fresh chickpeas but I have never seen them in NYC...

                                      1. re: Silverjay

                                        Fresh chickpeas are seasonal. You can get them right now at Lani's Farm in the Union Square Greenmarket. You can probably also get them at Manhattan Fruit Exchange.

                                        1. re: JungMann

                                          Great to know. So do you just rinse them up and go to town or do you need to prepare them in any way?

                                          1. re: Silverjay

                                            You need to shell them to get to the chickpea. You can eat them raw, although I think this late in the season you may need to steam/roast them to soften the mature peas.

                                            1. re: JungMann

                                              fyi these are available year round, frozen and shelled, in big indian groceries.

                                        2. re: Silverjay

                                          canned doesn't have the same flavor - too salty. fyi we use a handheld juicer in a large stainless bowl instead of food processor.

                                      2. We use roasted red pepper hummus for a binder instead of egg in meatballs/meatloaf whether beef or chicken

                                        (a good substitute for those who can't have egg) and boosts up the protein level as well

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                                          hummus on a baked potato is also delish for anyone giving up dairy/butter.

                                        2. I've seen Garden Fresh hummus in the Costco by me (metro Detroit)...they make a very good hummus. We just don't eat that Costco-sized tub of it fast enough!

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                                            My kids have moved out but still show up to do laundry and raid the pantry. Surprising how quickly the Costco-sized hummus disappears into a 20-something kid.