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Aug 14, 2006 08:48 PM

Hummus at Costco!

I bought a tub of hummus at Costco this weekend -Hannah's classic, $6- on the recommendation of a middle-eastern friend. Really good, really authentic tasting hummus!

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  1. Huh, I try not to buy too large a tub of unfamiliar (in the sense of never tried that brand) products at COSTCO as they tend to disappoint. But I'll look into this.


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      Oh the hummus is fine. We used to buy it and eat gobs of it at a time. Then I started making my own and prefer it, but the Costco plain hummus is good.

    2. The Safra brand? I love that stuff. I also hestitated to buy it at first in case we didn't like it. My 2 year old son LOVES hummus with pita and carrot sticks, so we go through a lot of it in our house. I love the smoothness of the Safra hummus and the flavor is great too! I like it spread on some pita or arabic bread with some chunks of Costco rotisserie chicken meat. Yum!

      1. It's the "Hannah" brand, I can't vouch for anything else. Also, add a dash of olive oil before you serve it (not mixed in).

        1. I like those hummus too. Our Costco carries big tubs of kim chee for $6 too (it was good!), but my husband won't let me buy it anymore.

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          1. Yes. I've been buying Hannah's for years. I was buying two tubs a visit for a while. There is classic and pepper hummus, which is a bit spicy. I like the newer box containers vs. the old cylinder style. I personally prefer Hannah's to Sabra, which I find tasty in flavor but odd in texture and consistency. At the Costco in Queens, NY, they offer both brands. Hannah's also makes a tabouli which is just decent.

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              we like the Hannah's hummus with jalapenos quite a lot. It has a touch of cumin in it - we got the tabouli once and it tasted good, but the texture and taste of the parsley was off - too coarse, and obviously a bit soggy and lacking in freshness.

              1. re: Silverjay

                The texture of Sabra hummus *is* a little odd, but not in a bad way IMO. I think the flavor and consistency are terrific. Sabra's hummus with pine nuts... oh yeah!

                I don't generally go to Costco but I wonder if they have Sabra at the NJ Costcos.

                Not sure if I've ever tried Hannah's.

                1. re: Silverjay

                  I also shop at Qns Costco, and generally avoid big tubs of prepared food that I cannot consume in couple of days (had bad precedent of food-poisoning). But last night, we needed something quick for the double-feature/picnic at the Socrates Park, so I grabbed Hannah's roasted pepper/jalapeno hummus. Mmmmmm, so good! I loved the chunkiness from the bits of peppers in it. Went well with Damascus bakery pitas (also from costco) and $3 bottle of Fuzelo from the liquorstore next door.