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Aug 14, 2006 08:35 PM

Special occasion help - The Modern, 11 Madison, Danube??

I'll be going out to celebrate a special occasion in a few weeks and am at a loss where to go. The first choice was Babbo but we are looking at Friday night and the earliest availability was 11:15.

It will be just two of us, both adventurous eaters, looking for fabulous food and service in a beautiful/special/festive setting. I realize the below are probably quite different than Babbo, but Lupa is an absolute favorite of ours and we have yet to try Babbo so it headed the list.

so far under consideration...

The Modern
Eleven Madison Park

We've never been to any of the above, I've always heard raves about Bouley and Danube but I've also read a number of reviews with service issues. The fact that The Modern could include a visit to the galleries is a plus.

Thank you Chowhounds!

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  1. I am treating some friends to dinner this Wednesday and was deciding between an "established" place and a "new" place. I have been to Bouley on a few other occasions and enjoyed my meal and service immensely. I have not been to Eleven Madison Park since Daniel Humm became chef earlier this year. I ulimately chose Eleven Madison Park for a few reasons:

    - The buzz about Humm has been greater than any other chef I have read about lately in this forum and other food oriented publications;

    - The menu sounded more appealing and varied to me than Bouley;

    - The wine list sounded more appealing to me (more wines with which I am familiar) than Bouley.

    I hope my thinking helps yours.

    Bon Appetit!

    1. I had an absolutely OUTSTANDING lunch there a couple of weeks ago. the room is gorgeous and the service was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to go back for a special dinner.

      1. my vote is also for 11 Madison. I ate there a few weeks ago with some friends and we all loved it. The space is nice while not being stuffy or over the top, the service was friendly without being intrusive and the food was delicious. One of the better special occasion meals we've eaten in the past few months.

        1. You've picked 3 of my 4 favorite restaurants: Bouley, Danube and Eleven Madison Park. I'm going to Bouley this week to celebrate my birthday if that gives you any indication which of the 3 is my most favorite. Eleven Madison Park is a new discovery for me (new chef), and I look forward to returning. I regularly go to both Bouley and Danube so I know everything will be great!

          1. yes, i agree with ellenost that any of the three will be wonderful. i've never been to the modern, so i can't speak about that place, but bouley, danube and the new eleven madison are all wonderful in their own way.

            i think it depends on the availability of reservation times. you should call all of them to see who has the most appropriate time open for you.