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Aug 14, 2006 08:31 PM

Hwang's Tofu in Centreville VA

I just noted that where there used to be a place called Ricky's Pizza in the shopping center on Lee Hwy in Centreville (also home to a pretty good pho place called Pho Hoang) there is now a Korean place called Hwang's Tofu. I did not see a menu in the window, nor did it look very busy (at 3pm on a Monday, so why should it be busy?), but it could be interesting. Anyone know about it? Seems the area is being slowly Koreanized, what with the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) in another nearby shopping center.

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  1. There was an article in the post about koreans taking over a shopping center, with the new fried chicken place being profiled. Has anyone tried this korean style fried chicken?

    1. I have tried the Korean chicken (it's in a different shopping center) and it was very good. I went for the spicy variety, which was frankly not all that spicy, though it tasted great. It's very similar to the plastic boxes of fried chicken that you often see for sale in Super H and similar stores.