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What foods go well with scotch?

A friend of mine is throwing a scotch and cigars party and is trying to figure out what sorts of foods to offer. Any ideas??

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  1. oh man, nothing is going to get over the flavors of cigars and scotch...

    maybe, blue cheese and strawberry jam on crackers, some strong smoked and sliced sausage plates, stuffed olives, anchovies... anything sort of ripe and strong. what about kimchee with shots of fish sauce?

    i know that is not very helpful, i'll be interested to hear what other people have to say

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      My grandfather used to dip his cigar in brandy or scotch before lighting it. As a kid, the smell of this would send us running out of his house most times, but now I wonder if he wasn't on to something...

    2. A friend once told me about a business trip to Japan where he spent thousands of dollars entertaining some potential clients in a Sushi Bar, eating sushi and drinking scotch.

      Personally I love Walker's Shortbread with Scotch for desert.

      1. Grilled steak, broiled lamb, BBQ shrimp. Steakhouse food generally--bold but simple flavors.

        1. For a perfect pairing.I like to serve miniature pate a choux filled with Roquefort Cheese and .

            1. homemade super salty and chewy elk or moose jerky.

              1. i know quite a few scots that enjoy it with haggis. just be sure to drink enough before the haggis to get up your mettle.

                on the more practical side, smoked salmon and lamb work well.

                save the cigars for after you eat, they're real palate killers.

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                  Agreed, save the cigars. Lots of things go with Scotch. Nothing I am aware of goes with cigars.

                  Other 'Scotch foods':
                  vanilla ice cream w/black pepper (not kidding)
                  smoked meat (though personally, not fish)
                  roasted salted nuts

                  Good luck, and report back. Interesting thread.

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                    Ditto. Plus I hate the feeling of eating after smoking, because it feels like ash and smoke is scratching its way down my throat. Disgusting.

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                      I managed a restaurant in Scotland during 2005 that did whisky dinners with Dr. David Wishart. Local food with local drink! 2 different menus in two days. Each course had the whisky cooked into the dish as well as a tasting sample served.

                      1. Seared Scallops flamed in Glenturret 10 with Pea Puree and Mint Butter Sauce.
                      2. White Onion and Strathdon Cheese Soup with Tullibardine 1993 Cream and Croutons.
                      3. Lemon, Ginger and Glenfiddich Liqueur Granite
                      4. Shoulder and Loin of Scottish Lamb, Wild Mushrooms, Garlic Roast Potatoes, Rosemary and Springbank 10 Reduction
                      5. Dark Chocolate and Benromach 15 Pot with White Chocolate and Almond Biscotti
                      6. Coffe and Handmade Truffles laced with Dunkeld Athol Brose, served with Glenfiddich Solera 15 or Athol Brose

                      1. Tien of Smoked Salmon marinated in Glen Farclas 12 with Creme Fraiche and Avruga
                      2. Wild Mushroom Consome with Glenrothes 1992 and tarragon
                      3. Cranberry, Apple and Drambuie Sorbet
                      4. Breast of Gressingham Duck, Pearl Barley and Spinach Risotto, Highland Park 12, Lime and Heather Honey Jus
                      5. Apricot and Vanilla Parfait with Balblair 10 Syrup and Cumin Shortbread
                      6 Coffee and truffles like the previous menu.

                      1. re: industry worker

                        that sounds wonderful! how do you make a scotch reduction?

                      2. re: Pei

                        For you non-cigar smokers, here is a sample "Cigar Dinner" menu:

                        Cigar Dinner Menu Cigars by Alec Bradley, Trilogy Series

                        1stCourse Puree of Butternut Squash Soup Smoked Duck Cranberry Relish Cigar - Cameroon Wrapper: Filler Nicaragua, Italian

                        2ndCourse Grilled Quail Mushroom Risotto - Toasted Cumin Seed Gouda Cigar Corojo WrapperFiller: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dom. Republic, Mexico

                        3rdCourse Chocolate Waffle Espresso Ice Cream - Cappuccino Cream
                        Cigar Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro Wrapper Filler: Nicaragua, Columbia

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                        Wow, Haggis, scotch and cigars! Only the stomach of a true Scotsman could handle that combo.

                      4. Don't laugh until you try good homemade chocolate chip cookies with a fine single malt.

                        1. thank god I'm not the only one. I love single malts and Oreos...

                            1. You didn't mention the style of SMS whisky (Islay, heavy peat, sherried, etc.) so here are my suggestions:

                              smoked oysters
                              raw oysters
                              smoked salmon
                              smoked almonds

                              dark chocolate
                              chocolate chip cookies
                              chocolate-covered coffee beans*
                              creme brulee

                              semi-sweet dark chocolate
                              Gravestein or Granny Smith apple slices, dipped in cinnamon honey

                              humus with eggplant

                              Olives (green, Kalmata, Nicoise)
                              Tomato tapenade
                              Roasted Garlic

                              If, OTOH, you're attempting to define the differences between distilleries of similar styles, saltines or plain bread sticks with simple water to cleanse the palate.

                              * Trader Joe's brand of chocolate-covered coffee beans is GREAT!

                              1. Cranachan! Oats, cream, whisky, berries....
                                Traditional Scottish Recipes :

                                1. Five Counties Cheddar and wholemeal or water biscuits.
                                  Smoked trout with horseradish sour cream.
                                  A nicely charred medium rare steak.
                                  Potatoes panfried in butter, salted.
                                  Simple green salad.
                                  Athole Brose: whipped cream, honey, scotch. Chill it to set. Apparantly you also add toasted oatmeal, though I've never done that.

                                  I'm hungry.

                                  1. toffee. heath bars. skor. peanut brittle.

                                    maybe creme brulee?

                                    1. So the idea of pairing a meal with different scotches is not a crazy idea? At home, I have not found too many times where I thought it was that great. I think of scotch as pretty much going it alone, before or after dinner. I mean how many things mix well with scotch for a drink that's better than scotch, neat?
                                      Recently I was invited to an unadvertised tasting menu dinner at an Italian restaurant. They do quite a few Italian seafood dishes. No telling what the chef had planned but I passed on it because he said he was pairing scotches with the dinner.
                                      How common is this? I've never heard of it before.

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                                      1. re: Scargod

                                        Any thoughts? Anyone know of restaurants suggesting scotch pairings with meals?

                                        1. re: Scargod

                                          re: Scotch dinners

                                          You can always pair something with something, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

                                        2. As an aside, this reminds me of a Christmas eve dinner experience I had a few years back.

                                          Picture a classic, NY Italian family, gathering around the table. The host/patriarch, Johnny, is working his way around the table with a bottle of red, and a bottle of white. He gets to cousin Buddy (a bit of a wise guy, in the original and "Sopranos" sense of the phrase, down to the clothes and pinky ring). Buddy is working on his Dewars/rocks, and Johnny asks him if he'd like red or white...

                                          Buddy's answer (imagine heavy NY-wise-guy accent here): "John, I'll stick wit' Scotch, 'cause I find it goes just as good wit' meat as it does wit' fish."

                                          True story...and I nearly sprayed my own wine across the table.

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                                          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                                            That is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

                                          2. Peanut butter on toast. Delish with scotch.

                                            1. Tater tots. There's something about the crispy, fried potato-y goodness that goes great with scotch.

                                              "Scotchy scotchy scotch... I love scotch. Here it goes down, down into my tummy..."

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                                              1. re: tizinu

                                                There are so many interesting posts here. I'm definitely going to have to try some out.

                                                A few of the things I have found that go well with scotch are:

                                                Really good chocolate chip cookies. Don't settle for anything store bought or made from a mix. Find your best recipe and get good quality chips (I use 60% Giradelli) and bake them yourself. The whoel house will smell good---then drink your scotch.

                                                Also, aged gouda. Roomano (it's a 5 year gouda) if you can find it. I happen to love this cheese in general but have found that it goes especially well with scotch.