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Aug 14, 2006 08:21 PM

What foods go well with scotch?

A friend of mine is throwing a scotch and cigars party and is trying to figure out what sorts of foods to offer. Any ideas??

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  1. oh man, nothing is going to get over the flavors of cigars and scotch...

    maybe, blue cheese and strawberry jam on crackers, some strong smoked and sliced sausage plates, stuffed olives, anchovies... anything sort of ripe and strong. what about kimchee with shots of fish sauce?

    i know that is not very helpful, i'll be interested to hear what other people have to say

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      My grandfather used to dip his cigar in brandy or scotch before lighting it. As a kid, the smell of this would send us running out of his house most times, but now I wonder if he wasn't on to something...

    2. A friend once told me about a business trip to Japan where he spent thousands of dollars entertaining some potential clients in a Sushi Bar, eating sushi and drinking scotch.

      Personally I love Walker's Shortbread with Scotch for desert.

      1. Grilled steak, broiled lamb, BBQ shrimp. Steakhouse food generally--bold but simple flavors.

        1. For a perfect pairing.I like to serve miniature pate a choux filled with Roquefort Cheese and .