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Aug 14, 2006 08:16 PM

reports on dragon boat or burmese food fests?

So did anyone go? I was talked out of going to the dragon boat festival, based on reports of bad food, but I'm wondering if I should have gone anyway. Did anyone go to this or to the Burmese Food Festival? I would love to know if you think either of these is worth the schlep from Brooklyn, for future reference.

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  1. Look below for the Briarwood Burmese fest. I have gone since every year since 2000 and it's worth a detour.

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      Thanks, I didn't realize that post had been updated.

    2. The Dragon Boat Festival was an utter dud from a chow perspective (street fair-level food at best); some of the stage performances were good, but unless you're a real fan of the boat racing itself there's very little of interest. Best just to schedule a trek out to Flushing if you're in the mood for a cross-borough trek for Asian fare.

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      1. re: Nom De Plume

        I agree. There was very little food at the Dragon Boat Festival and what was there wasn't worth a trek - we had some mediocre grilled corn and a chicken kabob and an ok pork bun.

      2. The Burmese Water Festival on July 23rd in Chinatown had pretty delicious looking food. Too bad I wasn't able to sample any.

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          HLing, which chinatown was this in? Maybe I can make it next year.

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            This was in Manhattan's Chinatown. In the past it had been held in Columbus Park (Bayard/Mulberry) but this year it was at another park along Christy Street near Grand street. The name escapes me now. Come to think of it, I never got to taste the food in the past couple of years. This year, though, there seemed to be more food than usual.

        2. dragon boat festival was very disappointing for food. very few food vendors for so many people! dumpling line was overwhelming (about 20min). and ?grilled corn and ?carribean food at the dragon boat festival!? i wish that the organizers would attract more food vendors, since there were definitely a ton of customers. i ended up wandering into the park and eating ecuadoran pork kebabs and fried plantains, instead of the hoped-for chinese treats. most of the tents at the festival are banks, of all things, trying to attract new accounts (bo-ring!).