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Aug 14, 2006 08:07 PM

Fritto Misto (w/photos). Other Italian eats?

Just went to Fritto Misto in Santa Monica. I forgot how nice it was! You can see my photos at:

Any other good affordable Italian places? Thanks!

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  1. Those two dishes look mouth-watering...I'll have to give this place a try. (Then learn to make them at home : )

    1. Good pictured review!

      Since Fritto Miso is on the Westside, here are 3 more affordable westside Italians:

      Il Forno - Santa Monica (2 S.M. locations)

      Spumoni - Santa Monica (4 L.A. locations

      Pomodoro - Westwood

      1. Thanks for the other recs JBC! I'll be sure to try and check them out soon.