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ISO lunch spots near Wilshire/Rodeo

New job, new lunch places to discover. I know that Beverly Drive, just south of Wilshire, is a good street to lunch - any restaurants or take-out in particular that I must try? I've tried Mako's bento boxes but how's their lunch? TIA

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  1. I love Jack n Jill's on Beverly (north of Wilshire). Great breakfast dishes, salads and sandwiches.

    1. Barney's Greengrass on the top floor of Barneys! Great view!, yummy deli sandwiches! :)


      1. I second Barney's -- awesome smoked fish and chocolate babka...nice views from porch over BH. Also like picolo paradiso (drago) on beverly just south of wilshire

        1. You could go to one of the many catering trucks. Some smell great-- there's that often stations itself north of Wilshire in a parking lot between Peck (a one-way alleyway) and Bedford. It apparently has great coffee and...ummm...brownies? I can't verify it since I'm not a brownie person. There's one that *must* be making onion rings SOMEWHERE between Wilshire and Santa Monica! I only wish I knew where it parks. Most of the trucks will make you anything within reason too.

          Champagne or jasmine truffle for dessert at Teuscher?

          1. ok neighbor, I am on Crescent and Wilshire. Your options are truly endless.

            Delivery -
            Basic Bites 310-247-9673, decent salads and sanwhiches
            Chin Chin - also eat in on S. Bevery 310-248-5252
            Cool Basil - 120 S. Linden Drive, 310-271-8121, great Thai, also can eat in
            Sharkeys - n. Beverly 310-276-7821
            Pizza Rustica - also eat in 310-550-7499

            Eat In:
            Cheesecake Factory (N. Beverly)
            Nate N Als (N, Beverly)
            Most are on S. Beverly
            Chin Chin
            O 4U - veggie and Mediterranean
            Crazy Fish
            Zan Grill - Olympic and Doheny

            Whole Foods is North of Wilshire on Cresent

            There are 100s of tiny little deli-like places that you will walk by when you walk around...stop in and try...

            Happy eating

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              Wow! Thanks for including the numbers to these places!

            2. Lunch at Mako is good. Secret industry insider place. American Wagyu Burger with Tempura Onion Rings one the favs, check out their website for lunch menu items. They also have a bento box for lunch and its huge can feed two light eaters or one large heavy eating kind of person. Loving their new asparagus soup and some other specials...

              225 South Beverly Drive
              1 and 1/2 blocks south of Wilshire
              310-288-8338 (I would make a reservation just in case)


              1. Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive is a little hole in the wall with a truly delicious omakase sushi course.

                If you wander north of Wilshire, drop over to Canon and hit the other Drago-owned pasta joints: Enoteca Drago (best carbonara around, great truffle pizza appetizer) and Il Pastaio (love the squid ink risotto and the fettucine with venison ragu).

                Also, you must go the Cheese Store on Beverly. Just go up to the counter and ask one of the guys to give you something interesting.

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                  Can you give me a cross street for the Cheese Store? Thx!

                2. WEBSITE:

                  419 N. BEVERLY DRIVE
                  BEVERLY HILLS, CA

                  South of Little Santa Monica and north Brighton Way.