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Aug 14, 2006 07:51 PM

Philly Visitor Needs Help Navigating Germantown

Hello. I am coming into the 30th St. Station tomorrow and have to make my way to Germantown for business. I'll be taking Septa to the Tulpehocken St. stop. Is there anywhere near that stop where I can grab a coffee and a quick (preferably healthy) bite? I'm a total Philly newbie and have no idea what this neighborhood is like, so fill me in.

Bonus points if there are any yummy Philly treats I can grab for the train going home, either near Tulpehocken or near the train station.


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  1. I know there is some famous BBQ joint out there (Bill Clinton used to eat there for a Photo Op) I can't remember the name of it though. I am not sure where that stop is (it must be toward 69th Street though). I am not sure I would want to walk around there myself. But maybe some other folks have some good ideas. Also they are doing work on the Market Frankford line and are bussing between 69th Street and 40th Street. (If this place is near 69th and Market, there are some decent ethnic restaurants there and the neigborhood is a bit better).

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      Clinton was big on FRIED CHICKEN at the place at around 52nd and Spruce. Big George's. I tried it once . It WAS good but expensive for just down home food. <g>

      Steve R

    2. jdmods is talking about West Philly--a totally different area than Germantown. There is great BBQ in Germantown - The Rib Crib on Germantown avenue, but it is only open at night Thurs.-Sat.

      I don't know the area all that well, and haven't been there in a while, but based on my memory, there isn't much of any note around the Tulpehocken stop. It is perfectly safe there, though.

      The food in 30th Street Station is probably your best bet, if you don't want to venture too far. If you have time, you could stop and get off at the Market East station (I'm pretty sure any train going from 30th St. to Tulpehocken stops at Market East). From there, it's a short and well-marked walk to the Reading Terminal Market, with tons of great eating choices (there are detailed posts about it all over this board).

      Have a good day in Philly.

      1. I've heard funky things about Bridgewaters Cafe which is IN 30th St Station. Other than that, I think McDonalds is your only option at 30th St.

        Steve R

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          There's an Au Bon Pain in 30th St. Station, nothing exceptional, but looks a little safer than some of the
          steam-table food places. They should get a really good
          restaurant in there, it would do well. When you're in
          Germantown, you could take a cab or something (does the trolley
          still run?) up Germantown Ave. to Chestnut Hill (10 min.), where there are lots of restaurants to choose from, right on the Avenue.

        2. You're not going to find much within walking distance of the Tulpehocken station. The Urban Cafe, a small coffee shop that serves sandwiches, is about it, on Wayne Avenue about midway between the Chelten Ave. and Tulpehocken stations. Wayne runs parallel to the train, anout 1/2 block east. Probably better to get off at Chelten if you're going to the cafe. The area's completely safe for walking.

          You won't be able to find a cab at the Tulpehocken station (you might at the Chelten station), and the area around the station is completely residential, so your options are pretty limited. The 53 bus runs along Wayne, but it won't take you anywhere near Germantown Avenue, the main commercial strip for Germantown, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill. (No the trolley doesn't run on Germantown anymore, it's been replaced by the 23 bus.)

          There's a shopping district on Chelten too but there's nothing there I'd recommend. There's a Jamaican place on Greene just south of Chelten but I've never tried it. Also the House of Jin Chinese/Japanese on Chelten near the station--nothing a chowhound would seek out. Otherwise, it's just a lot of pizza/fried chicken/fast food.

          A bit further away, on Germantown near Chelten, are the Geechee Girl restaurant (specializing in rice dishes)--across from G'town High School a few blocks north of Chelten--and Dahlak Ethiopian on G'town just south of Chelten. Not sure if either is open for lunch. Either one would be a bit of a hike from the Chelten station.

          If you have enough time and want an absolutely great coffee and fresh homemade pastries and desserts, also terrific crepes, take the train one stop past Tulpehocken to the Upsal station, walk a few blocks north on Greene to the corner of Carpenter Lane, and you'll find the High Point cafe, the best place anywhere! Also at that corner is Weaver's Way Coop, which has salads and other prepared foods. When you're done, walk a couple of blocks west to Wayne and catch the 53 bus back to the Tulpehocken station.

          Another option: the Point of Destination Cafe inside the Upsal station. From there it's a reasonably short walk back to Tulpehocken. (All these stops are very close together.)

          Market East is not in between 30th Street and Tulpehocken; it's in the other direction.

          1. Guess we should end this string as the original poster was coming in YESTERDAY (Tuesday) and so he's obviously come and gone <g>

            Steve R