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NJ Needs Our OWN Board

With the recent explosion of "culinary destinations" in suburban New Jersey, both North, Central and even South Jersey, does it not seem like time for OUR OWN BOARD ??

Moderators? Is there a way to combine the fragmented Tri-State Region and Mid-Atlantic region into a "New Jersey" board ?

It seems confusing to read about, say, Ossining New York and then about a place in Montclair, both on the Tristate region, or a restaurant in Maryland next to a restaurant in Princeton NJ.

Just a suggestion.

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  1. I'll second the motion.

    1. 100% agreed!!! Please...I wish I knew where Rebooth DE was! I always see posts on it!!

      Thank you..

      1. I'll add my vote for this as well. It would be nice to have a board where I could respond to the majority of posts.

        1. I haunted them about this on 6/23.

          Their "one step at a time" reply seemed to indicate that they might do this in the future.

          1. Good call! Jersey is a unique and very dense state--so I think it deserves its own board. As it is, I feel torn between three boards (TriState, MidAtlantic, Manhattan).

            1. I agree. At a minimum, the definitions for TriState and MidAtlantic should be tightened up so that it isn't ok to post in either place.

              1. I'll eighth the motion.

                Or at least specify that NJ posts should go on the Tri-State board and not the Mid-Atlantic board.

                1. The problem at the heart of all the confusion is that New Jersey is one of three states in what is known locally as the Tri-State area, *and* it is also considered to be located in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

                  No matter that the admins have decided that Northern NJ restaurants belong on the Tri-State Board, while Central and Southern restaurants must be on the Mid-Atlantic Board. There are bound to be questions about exactly where some restaurants really belong. The problem becomes particularly acute when it comes to deciding which towns are in Central NJ. Also, since the new format took effect, I have noticed that there have been very sparse NJ-related posts on the Tri-State Board, but lots of action on the Mid-Atlantic board, including discussion of restaurants that probably don't belong there under the current guidelines.

                  I've always felt that this split is ridiculous. As far as I can tell, no other state on this site is split between two boards. To my mind, that makes New Jersey the "Rodney Dangerfield" of Chowhound.

                  I agree with those who say that New Jersey deserves to have its own board.

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                  1. re: RGR

                    Actually the problem is more that New Jersey is such a long state north to south, and there is a big difference between north Jersey and south Jersey in terms of where restaurants in those respective areas draw diners from and to where residents in those areas will travel to eat.

                    North Jersey is part of the tri-state area and posts about anything in Newark (if not a bit further south) and north should go on the Tristate board. Posts about places, for arguments sake, south of exit 10 on the Turnpike, should go on the Mid-Atlantic board, except for Camden and the immediately surrounding area. Those posts should go on the Pennsylvania board. It occurs to me that it might be easier to divide NJ into three parts and allocate them to different states, reducing the Union to 49 states, than it would be to satisfy everyone that any post about New Jersey is in the right place.

                    1. re: Deven Black

                      I don't agree that New Jersey should be split between two boards because restaurants draw their customers from different areas. No other food forum on which I participate splits New Jersey in this or any other way. And your final sentence actually ends up doing a great job of making the case for why New Jersey should have its own board on Chowhound.

                      1. re: RGR

                        I strongly agree with you, RGR. The splitting of New Jersey among several boards is diluting the content and compromising its usefulness. And neither do I see New Jersey divided in any way on any other food forum.

                        It is the most densely populated state and I feel convinced that, with its own distinct board, the fabric of discussion and exchange of information would be improved. The Outer Boroughs board has developed in an enviable way, for example, and I would like to think that we would have livelier discussion if we were not so bisected.