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Reasonable/Cheap Eats in Vancouver?

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My buddies and I will be in Vancouver (West End/Downtown) for the weekend. Everyone loves to eat. However, one friend can only afford one "fancy meal" during the entire trip (which he defined as $15-20). So I'm thinking of designating Vij's as our "fancy meal."

Any suggestions for cheap eats/reasonably priced places for visitors on a budget? I've read good things about Go Fish, Blue Fox, Guu and Rebar (though I'm not sure how budget-friendly some of these are). Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated....

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  1. breakfast:Davie Village Cafe, Teresa's on Denman, Hamburger Mary's, Paul's Place just across the Granville St bridge
    Lunch:Shima Sushi,
    Dinner: Stepho's

    None of these are gourmet- decent food for the $

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      Thanks for the leads, Julies1949!

    2. I would recommend checking out:
      Cassis Bistro reasonably priced french bistro at 420 W Pender http://www.cassisvancouver.com

      Gyoza King 1508 Robson - brief reviews here - http://www.dinehere.ca/restaurant.asp...

      La Bodega Restaurant & Tapa Bar 1277 Howe Street - tapas

      You can try a search of dinehere.ca filtering by price range and neighbourhood. Should come up with something to suit your group.

      By the way - I doubt you can get away at Vij's for $15 - 20 pp

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        But Rangoli, instead of Vij's, would be an option in that price range, right?

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          Thanks for the leads! If Vij's doesn't work out, we're definitely planning on Rangoli.

          Any suggestions for ethnic foods or holes-in-the-wall near the West End/Downtown region? I'd imagine there are finds in the nearby Chinatown area, although those will probably be hit-or-miss depending on the place.

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          Second Gyoza King, a great menu aside from the top notch Gyoza.

          Another reasonable nearby place is Zakushi on Denman. An interesting take on yakitori/izakaya grilling. Mochi with cheese, non traditional but addictive.

          1. If you have only one friend on that budget another way to handle it could be to take turns hosting meals. This also ensures everyone gets to go at least one place they really want; instead of a whole group compromising the host gets to pick. Might increase your options for great food on the trip.

            1. It's not really a "restaurant," but I always enjoy stuffing myself at Granville Island and have yet to have a bad meal there. There are food vendors from Indian to Pierogies, or you can get some local smoked salmon and bread and fruit and enjoy.

              1. You can easily hop busses to take you to Shao Lin Noodle house in the 500 block of Broadway..very cheap and excellent. A fun place to eat as you can watch them make the noodles.

                I second the notion that Vijs is more than a $15-20 meal, but depending on how much you like your friend, it's definitely worth chipping in for his meal so you can all enjoy the wonderful food.

                Love the idea BobtheBigPig gave you about Granville Island....especially on a sunny day that is a great place to eat.
                With great respect to the poster "Wonder", I have never found La Bodega to be a budget place....it's wonderful food and lots of fun, but I am always amazed at how much I spend (and I'm not a big eater)

                I am wondering if the Blue Fox and Rebar you asked about are not the Rebar and Blue Fox restaurants in Victoria, not Vancouver?

                If you like sushi, Shabusen (two locations, one downtown) has an all-you-can-eat menu for about $20.

                Vera's Burger Shack (on Denman and other locations) does a nice burger. I've only been to Hamburger Mary's once (a few weeks ago) and I found it disappointing...the burger patty seemed pre-made and frozen. (well, not frozen when I ate it, but you know what I mean)

                Enjoy! Vancouver has lots of great little budget-minded spots.

                1. I would NOT go to Shabusen for Sushi - not good at all, cheap yes, but why would you want to eat cheap sushi...and all you can eat bad sushi, yuck.

                  My advice is stick with the other recommendations and save sushi for a nice meal, that you don't mind spending a bit more money - or do sushi for lunch. A lot of good places serve well priced lunch specials.