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Aug 14, 2006 06:45 PM

Friday Saturday Sunday

Looking to try a new spot near Rittenhouse Square, which shouldn't be too tall of an order considering I've only been to Audrey Claire's... Must be veg-friendly (no fish / seafood). I've scanned a few menus for some of the oft-mentioned Rittenhouse spots on this board (Matyson's, etc.), and haven't seen too many spots with at least a handful of veg options. One that jumped out at me so far was Friday Saturday Sunday:

I can't recall many postings about this place and a search doesn't turn up anything recent - any thoughts about FSS, or ideas about other places to try?

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  1. FriSatSun is a nice neighborhood restaurant, that usually has a vegetarian dish or two. Some recent interesting specials included a chilled plum soup, and a salad with golden beets. They also have nice homemade desserts. It's definitely worth trying.

    I would also try L2, which does a great fried tomato appetizer, nice big salads, and also a great eggplant parm that is often the veggie special of the day, which is not heavy or greasy. Thank you.

    1. As a vegetarian working in CC, I would reccomend against Friday Saturday Sunday.

      I ate there once (2 years ago though) and found it too dark to see! It was a little run down as well.
      I ordered the vegetarian chilli, which was not good. Big chunks of veggies in a so-so sauce, not worth much at all. And it's not cheap.

      Let me make some other Rittenhouse veggie-friendly reccomendations.

      Caffe Casta Diva - plenty of vegetarian options at this Italian restaurant
      Lolita - although I haven't been, I hear that 2 dishes can be converted into vegetarian and it says so right on the menu, mexican
      Pietro's - not bad for pizza or salad, italian
      Continental Midtown - i'll admit i love rad na chicken (substituted with tofu) and the wasabi mashed potatoes
      Nodding Head - great salads, avoid the veggie burger

      1. FSS is smoker friendly.... nuff said?

        1. dmitri's, cafe habana, tria...

          1. Thanks, all, for the additional veg-friendly suggestions. Will definitely make note and report back! We did keep our reservation for FSS and I was pleased -- I liked the atmosphere, dark as it was. I think 'cozy' would be the best word. The highlights were definitely the five leaf salad with honey and goat cheese -- the vinagrette and the honey mixed perfectly -- and the mango/banana bread pudding w/ whiskey creme. Service was good. I wish I could've tried their chilled soup -- don't see enough of those -- but it was ginger apple & carrot and my dining buddy is allergic to 2/3 of the key ingrediencts. But I'm very much looking forward to trying the allegedly much better spots that have been recommended :) .

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              I've seen some scathing reviews of Friday Saturday Sunday on this board in the past, of which I've never agreed. I've had quite a few memorable meals there; only disappointed once. I also think the dimly lit, and small upstairs room is cozy. If you go again try their mushroom soup. Outstanding. Not sure if it's veg friendly.