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Aug 14, 2006 06:44 PM

Scarlet Tea Room - Pasadena?

I'm trying to plan a bridesmaid luncheon for 4 next month. I heard about the Scarlet Tea Room for tea service and thought it would be great since we're planning on relaxing at Burke Williams after. Has anyone been? Sounds like a great deal for $25. Or if you have other suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

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  1. i really enjoy the scarlett tea room. it's a nice deal for $25 with the same amount of food as the ritz and the quality of the food is on the same level. service is attentive. the owner, karen, is personable. they are already expanding.

    couple of tips:

    1. be sure you make your reservations well in advance.
    one woman i spoke to walking by said she couldn't get a reservation on the weekend for a month. this may change with the opening of the second room.

    2. ensure you don't get caught in the middle of their construction. i'm not sure where they are on this presently.

    i highly recommend it.

    1. Yeah, it's good. Heavy on the cheesy factor, with eye sore decor and some strange staff members. But tea and snacks are excellent, mos def a notch above Hotel Bel-Air. Anyway, I went with a group a few weeks ago and posted about it on my blog should you want more info:

      1. I also went for a bridal shower and it was fabulous! The decor is cutesy-elegant, not gaudy... something you would imagine for a nice tea party. The tea selection is great, and their tea sandwiches, desserts, and the sorbet was absolutely perfect!

        The service is attentive, although the owner was a bit out of place in terms of her dress... jeans and a weird tank top... but very nice nonetheless.

        I think you will have a great time there.

        1. I agree with tuttifrutti; the owner was dressed a tad scantily/inappropriately. I was there for a baby shower with about fifty people and the service was extremely attentive and when latecomers arrived, they made sure to bring them plates of sandwiches and desserts and food. There definitely was enough for everyone to eat and the room was conducive to this type of large party.