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Aug 14, 2006 06:43 PM

business dinner near wilshire and 405

I'm interested in knowing some good restaurants for a business dinner. Price isn't too much of an issue (hooray for expense accounts). What does matter is that it's not too far from the 405, and somewhere around Wilshire. I'm relatively new to the area and not sure what's around there. If anything.

Not too particular on the type of food servered, although steaks and seafood always seems to be a safe bet. I'm more concerned with finding a place that's lively, but not too loud that we can't talk shop.

Any suggestions would help. Thanks

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  1. West of the 405 is Bandera at the SW corner of Barrington. Is operated by the Houston's and Gulfstream people that is very good with menu items per your thoughts, and plausibly priced.
    If you take the gentle right turn from Wilshire around the VA facility before you get to Barrington onto San Vicente Blvd. heading into Brentwood, there are many Italian restaurants in that immediate area. Vincente at 11930 San Vicente Blvd at the far end of the strip is probably the best, yet also as expensive as any of them.(310.207.0127)

    1. sal marino's il grano
      manager and sommelier is stefano.

      santa monica blvd. at the 405


      1. Napa Valley Grill is good for a business dinner . . .it is in Westwood, not too far from the 405.

        1. For a business dinner, I think your best overall choice in the area is Pacific Dining Car, a mile or so west of the 405 on Wilshire. A typical red leather booth steak house with solid sides and salads, the downtown branch has been open for almost 90 years. The food is quite good and the wine list is exceptional. This place is lively enough, but not so "happening" that you won't be able to converse above the din.

          With apologies to Carter, I also love Bandera but would not recommmend it for a business dinner. While --Langer's pastrami aside -- the place may have the best sandwich in LA (the prime rib sandwich), it is WAY too loud to talk to your dining companions. There's also a fairly heavy singles scene at the bar every night, which you can't avoid since the bar is right in the middle of the restaurant.

          Il Grano is quiet enough, but their best stuff is the Italian crudo. If your business dinner folks are anything like mine, I'm sure several will find the notion of raw fish ("You mean the Italians do it TOO!")off putting.

          Napa Valley Grill has a decent wine list but as I have posted before, I find the food only mediocre.

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          1. Would you consider Eurochow on Westwood north of Wishire?

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              Eurochow is, deservedly, closed. Vincenti and PDC, mentioned below and above, are great suggestions but there has also been some good chatter about West in THFKAHI (The Hotel Formerly Known As Holiday Inn) just North of Sunset and West of the 405.

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                I think Eurochow has closed or is about to close.