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Very casual dinner in or near SM? Like Apple Pan or Zankou level casual ...

Looking for a super casual, almost fast food type spot for dinner in SM. Something like a Phillipe, Langer's, Zankou or Apple Pan. Super non fancy. I tried the Counter once and was very disppointed. Father's Office will be too hectic because we just want something very simple. I thought about Izzy's, but something a tinge healthier would be nice. Maybe even Hurry Curry if that's open? Something near the beach would ideal though.

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  1. How about Damon & Pythias, right at 3rd & Wilshire? Very casual, can can eat healthy if you want, and right near the beach.


    1. there is also sunnin on westwood blvd just north of SM blvd.

      1. Small neighborhood Italian - there is Spumoni at 7th & Montana. Check out their website for a free $15 (?) pizza promotion if you spend at least $25. Is it for eat-in, to-go orders or both?


        1. Also near the beach (6 blocks) and not expensive and very nice atmosphere is:

          Fritto Misto
          601 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401
          (310) 458-2829

          1. I love Sunnin, but it is more Westwood than Santa Monica.

            1. There is a family owned Mexican place on Pico a few blocks from the beach called El Texate.

              Some on the board don't dig it, but I do.

              Good bar, too. You can sit in their as long as you like.

              Couldn't be more casual, even have a patio.

              1. the back patio at library ale house on main should work.

                1. A few places on Main Street that are all perfectly fine: O'Brien's (faux Irish pub), Library Ale House (mentioned above), Lula's (average nouvelle Mexican with great margaritas), Wildflour Pizza. Just walk up and down a few blocks and pick a place.

                  Even more casual would be Hinano's on Washington Street in Venice, which has pretty good hamburgers.

                  1. Cha Cha Chicken meets all requirements: two blocks from beach (at Ocean and Pico), fast-foody, casual (all garden seating), but has atmosphere and decent Caribbean chicken.

                    1. How about Dagwood's pizza on Main Street in Venice? Tasty pizza, very very casual and small but clean. We bought one half pepperoni/half sausage the car for our last ski trip and scarfed every bit of it all the way to the mountains...two girls, one pizza, small car. It was not pretty, but we were very happy. A few slices survived for a cold breakfast the next morning.

                      Posters in the Citysearch review below compare it to Chicago and NY versions, so maybe this could be a good chowish option. It's not deepdish, so I'd say it's more NY style. There are salads too if you feel the need for extra veg.


                      202 Main St Ste A
                      Venice, CA 90291
                      (310) 392-1450

                      1. tacos por favor

                        wolfgang puck express
                        upstairs food court 3rd street promenade(went recently and was pleasantly surprised)

                        cora's coffee shop
                        ocean ave.

                        bravo pizzaria
                        main street(good pizza,sandwiches.pastas and salads)