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Aug 14, 2006 06:31 PM

Going to Long Island Tommorow, anyplace decent near Riverhead or Garden city for eats?

I have no idea what is out there. We are going to Garden City for something and then onto Riverhead. I once ate at a nice place out in Riverhead called the lobster box or something like that but they are closed on tuesdays. Where else could we have a nice dinner? Thanks!

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  1. Not to far from the Lobster Roll (Baiting Hollow, northwest of Riverhead) is the Cooperage Inn. It is on the North Road. Take Rt495 to Exit 71, go north to the North Road and make a right, and it is a few blocks east on the north side of the road.

    It is a nice restaurant with a wide range of American food with a local slant. Duck, Ribs, Tuna, Steak, Chicken, etc. Some LI wines and nice atmosphere. Prices are reasonable and the entree comes with salad, vegetable and potato.

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      I'm sad to say we live a few minutes away and would avoid Cooperage Inn, although it used to be our favorite place to eat.
      They have gone way downhill in the last year or so, and are not worth the price. We LOVE Bayview in Jamesport, and since you're looking for "nice", why not Jedediah Hawkins, also in Jamesport (Jamesport is 5 minutes past Riverhead). But we're talking really nice here! On the other hand if you're coming this weekend, the annual Polish Festival will be going on, it's lots of fun and good food too. On Pulaski Road in town.

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        This is one weekend that we will be out of town and not out at the boat in Riverhead. I will miss the Festival, as we usually go.

        I have liked Cooperage for many years and I thought it a fluke that my last steak and another time tuna was not up to snuff. I did not realize that the restaurant went downhill and just chalked up the food to bad luck. It has been one of our few really good places over the years.

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          heck yes the polish festival is a lot of fun. a word of advice: DONT eat the polish food from the street vendors,go into the big building- i forgot the name of it- but it always has a line during festival hours- theres seating and the food is WAY better. i think osborne ave takes you to pulaskl road to the festival. its probably one of the best festivals on LI..:)

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            Best way is LIE to Rte 58 (stay on it), turn right on Mill Rd and immediately turn left on Pulaski. This is going to be the first year we're going to eat at the Polish Hall (you can't miss it!) and I can't wait! My husband usually wants to go to Carlos Pizza unfortunately, but this year his brother is involved.

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              hi..went to the fair that way down mill road only to find pulaski street blocked off.had to go around and park at riverhead hs. then we get to the festival;initially it looked bigger than in previous years but it wasnt. because of infighting between the merchants and the polish association,no vendors were allowed on pulaski st.vendors who had been at the fair in previous years did not show up.we did go to the polish hall-there was a line

              ,only to find they were offering a pre-planned menu with 5 choices. we wanted potato pancakes and pierogi.sure enough that combo wasnt available wed have to order alacarte for $13 per person( we were a party of 4). We decided to forget it and go back up pulaski to a polish deli- i think it was either euro or lech's or wista- i dont remember- where we got pierogi,kielbasa and polish beer and it was less than the hall-around $6 to $8 per person and delicious.

              I hope next year's festival is a better one.

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                hey mr beach iam lechs mkt i use to make polish kielbasa in polish town iam selling bussiness but trying to get back into making my kielbasa 4 the x mas and easter time if i can thx 4 the comments about my store tell everyone that i might make a comeback ok thx

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                Word is next year's festival will probably be moved to the riverfront in town, maybe because of disagreements mentioned above. Who knows, maybe there'll be 2 separate festivals.

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                  We found out about the fight between the merchants and the Civic Assoc at the last minute, although we did park on Mill Rd right near the Polish Hall and walked down to the fair after getting a few beers at the Hall and listening to the band for a while. I believe they wanted the merchants to pay the same fee as they charge the other vendors to have a booth on the street and they refused. There were sure a lot of cops around though, I think they were expecting trouble! Typically, my husband's favorite thing he ate this year was an arepa, although he did like the stuffed cabbage he had. PS...also just found out that Pulaski St access will be permanently closed off at Mill Rd by next year, they're building a Super Stop and Shop on that corner of Rte 58, yes right across from Waldbaums.

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                Holy Cow!! It's late and we just got home but we went to Bayview on your rec here and it was fabulous! The soft shell crabs, the crab stuffed flounder, all the sides and the dessert was just perfection. The service was great too!! I cannot thank you enough for the rec and all of you here for answering! You really helped make today perfect. That meal was the perfect end to a long hard day. We will definitely be going back there!! Jedidiah Hawkins looked great from the view as we drove past it. Lovely area and I can't thank you enough!

            2. In Garden City, Waterzooie is a belgian restaurant

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                Waterzooie was good last time I went (it's been awhile). Last weekend I had lunch at a Meditteranean place Fig ? near the cookware shop on Franklin Avenue.

              2. I'm so glad you feel the same as we do about Bayview. I'm dying to try Jedidiah too, but might have to save up a little first!

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                  Yes!! when we drove by Jedidiah my Boyfriend said...oh my God! I feel too intimidated to go there in my scruffy state! It looked really beautiful though. I would love to go there next time. Bayview was just absolutely perfect though. There was not a single bad thing about the experience and it was easy to get to. We will definitely be going back there!

                2. Many choices in this area:

                  Garden City - the bagel place for breakfast (can't remember the name)
                  The Orchid - great Chinese
                  Leo's -classic tavern, great burgers

                  New Hyde Park
                  Umberto's -pizza
                  Arturo's - Italian (great appetizer cart)
                  Villa De ? - Itlaian (can't remember the rest of the name but this place is awesome)
                  New Hyde Park Deli - to go only

                  A great bar in this area is the St. James Inn in Mineola.

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                  1. re: steveindurham

                    Thank you!! Taking notes!! We will be making more trips to LI in the near future and it is a foreign land to me AFA restaurants so all this is very helpful!

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                      I used to go to the Orchid when I lived on LI. It was consistently good. There are several places on 7th Street. There's a good salad/casual place in Garden City South. Not far from the garden place. there are quite a few decent places on Franklin Street as well. Jonathan's (not sure where, near a Pathmark???, near New Hyde Park Road???) had great salads, etc.

                    2. I was in Garden City yesterday. I stopped by Taste Bistro, with chef Ed Witt. Excellent food and a surprisingly good root beer (I can't drink alcohol).

                      I had a trio of appetizers, each of which were excellent.

                      They are on Franklin Ave., right next to the train station.


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                        I like this place and the chef and owner a lot. It's a shame it always seems empty.