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Aug 14, 2006 06:23 PM

Any Chowhound-worthy places in North Pinellas or Pasco counties?

Any Chowhound-worthy places (i.e. non-chains) in Land O' Lakes, Hudson, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Odessa, Spring Hill?

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  1. My parents live in New Port Richey and no visit is complete without a dinner at The German Restaurant

    Very friendly owners, great German food (love that spaetzle), very good wine/beer selection.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Hey - thanks for the tip! Never knew this place existed. Sounds yummy!

      1. re: Chris VR

        I saw the eye-catching German Restaurant over the weekend on my drive up to the newly-reopened Budapest Restaurant on 19, which I highly recommend for authentic Eastern European cuisine (great stuffed cabbage). I plan to make a trip back north to check out the German Restaurant, if for nothing else but its sheer kitchiness!

        1. re: laurie

          Oh good- this place really is a find, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I'll tell my parents about Budapest Restaurant- mom loves stuffed cabbage. Where exactly is it?

          1. re: Chris VR

            To follow up my own comment, I was visiting my parents last weekend, and saw a booth from Budapest Restaurant at a fair. I picked up a menu and we checked it out for dinner. It was pretty empty at 6pm on a Friday, but it slowly filled up a bit as we were there.

            We started with potato cakes, which were very light, fried cakes, with a similar consistency to fried dough. Not at all like the german-style potato pancakes we were expecting, but a hit nonetheless. The chicken soup was very good, a very hearty and strong chicken flavor. The liver dumplings were too liver-y for me, but I could have chosen noodles instead, and would do that next time.

            I tried the stuffed cabbage with spaetzle, it was VERY good. Mom had the hungarian goulash, which she liked but had never had before and wasn't expecting so much paprika. She's a spice wuss, so by the time she ate most of it, she said her mouth was burning. The mashed potatoes that came with it tasted like instant, so she wouldn't eat them. Dad had some sort of cordon-bleu-ish thing, with a cutlet, topped with ham and melted cheese. He also liked it a lot. We had to skip dessert but the Crepes Suzette were beckoning to me. Next time!

            My parents (not particularly adventurous eaters) were glad to have tried it and would definitely go back again.

            We made reservations but it didn't seem like that was really necessary (as opposed to The German Restaurant, where you won't get in without a reservation on a busy weekend night.) Here's the contact info:

            Budapest Restaurant
            7411 Us Highway 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652
            (727) 848-4437

            Thanks for the recommendation, laurie!

            1. re: Chris VR

              Glad you enjoyed it, Chris! I need to head back that way soon. This time of year makes me yearn for good stuffed cabbage (it was the holiday and comfort food of my youth).

        2. re: Chris VR

          My favorite has to be the red cabbage, I pucker up just thinking about it. Oh, and the beer, that's also great! MMmmmmm love that place.

        3. You can try Pizza Mania on BBD and 56. Don't be afraid of the name. I was for so long and i completely regret it. not only do they make the best pizza in the state, but their pasta is awesome and their other stuff is excellent too.

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            Pizza Mania is in a strip mall and does not serve any alcohol. The food isn't bad - just be aware of what you're getting!

          2. not sure if its chow hound worthy, but I liked Barefoot Gardens on Deltona when my inlaws took us there.

            Here is a link:

            Make sure you call first, I'm not sure if they are still open. (Inlaws are on vacation so I can't get them to confirm)

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            1. re: cherylp3

              We liked Barefoot Gardens, too! They have a great variety of delicious food and good prices. They have from home cooking to gourmet seafood, something for everybody. My hubby said the steak was one of the best he's had and the rest of us enjoyed our homestyle meals very much (turkey dinner and beef tips). The service was attentive and friendly, we'll definitely go back. They're at 3480 Deltona Blvd in Spring Hill (across from Hess), phone 352-684-0866. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and are wheelchair accessible.

            2. Let me ask again in case something's been discovered. Any places of note in the far North areas from Tampa? I'm beginning to think people that live up there aren't concerned with quality dining out.

              1. That area is not a hot bed for better dining. There is a place in Brooksville, not too far from Spring Hill, that is CH-worth.
                Farmer John's. A great spot for breakfast.
                Venture north to Crystal River Wine & Cheese Co., 734 U.S. 19 SE, Crystal River; (352) 795-0008. It is eat-in wine store with good wine/food matches.
                Otherwise head south to Pinellas County - to:
                Casa Ludovico, 1710 Alt. U.S. 19 N, Palm Harbor; (727) 784-7779.
                Mystic Fish, 3253 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor. 727 771-1800
                You can't miss it here when amberjack gets seared with apricot curry, salmon is green-tea-smoked, and ice creams and vodka are custom-made.

                Kelly's for Just About Anything, 319 Main St., Dunedin;

                Mykonos, 628 Dodecanese Blvd., Tarpon Springs; (727) 934-4306.

                Have Greek salad, lean lamb with yogurt on pita or whole fish cooked on the grill with lemon, olive oil and rosemary.

                None of the above are too much of a drive except at rush hour.