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Aug 14, 2006 06:13 PM

Queens, simple, yummy cheap meals

I am bringing a crew of 4 hungry men to Manhattan for 5 days. We are staying in Queens, around Woodside? I need ideas for quick breakfast, take-out lunch and casual dinner. Inexpensive is best. Also, is bus or subway the best choice? Thanks for the help!

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  1. The famous Alpha Donuts @46th / Queens Blvd.
    Kebabs for lunch from Mangal Turkish @ 47th / Queens Blvd.
    Casual dinners at Donovan's 58th / Roosevelt
    P.J. Horgan's 43rd/Queens Blvd.
    Sidetracks 45th / Queens Blvd.
    That's a start.

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    1. re: johnk

      I would highly recommend against Sidetracks. It ends up being surprisingly expensive for the sub-mediocre food they serve.

      I would also warn against NY Style Eats, which is on QB in the same area (can't remember the exact cross). There is nothing "NY Style" about it. I've been more times than I'd like to admit b/c of their late hours, but it's definitely the worst place in the nabe (well, maybe ties for worst with Chips).

      But I do recommend Tofu and Noodles/Natural Tofu for Korean. Possibly different from what your visitors would normally eat. Super inexpensive and their soon du bu is one of my faves.

      Also second the suggestion for Yamikaze. Even though it doesn't have the bustling atmosphere as Ariyoshi, the food is better and the people there are really sweet.

      1. re: tracyk

        Worst place? I can't agree. Their burgers are terrific. And the breakfast is servicable. There are definately worse!

        And just what is Skillman's Famous Pizza famous for?

        Sidetracks... yeah, definitely a suburban theme restaurant, the theme being suburbs.

        1. re: Monkey Man Jake

          I've actually been to Skillman's Famous Pizza a few times in the last month when I've been too lazy to walk to the boulevard. It's really no frills...they serve drinks in dixie cups, including iced coffee (somehow iced coffee doesn't taste as good in waxy, plastic cups). The breakfast tastes like something you could easily make at home. Ya know how what you make at home never tastes the same as what you're served when you eat out? That being said, it's a quiet alternative in the area. It seems to be frequented by regulars.

        2. re: tracyk

          I agree with your recommendation against Sidetracks. Totally overpriced and the food has definitely been on a decline in the last few years. I have to disagree with your comments on NY Style Eats and Chips. I don't think Eats is trying to be anything more than a diner. I'd say it definitely beats most diners in the area. Portions are good, they always offer a nice fruit garnish. Breakfast is good. As for Chips, well, now that I've discovered El Jarro, I don't have much of a need for Chips, but I don't think they're one of the "worst".

          1. re: wallywalnuts

            chips has some really great desserts! i will still go when i don't feel like heading over to el jarro.
            and NY sytle "the worst place in the nabe". i must disagree on that one too...the food is fresh and if you stick to the simple stuff, it is quite sandwiches, burgers, breakfasts...

            1. re: ceeceee

              Well, I've only been to NY Style about 3 times and that was about 4 years ago, so maybe food has gotten better since then? It was pretty awful then. I always went post dinner time, so maybe they have a different chef then?

              For breakfast/diner fare, I prefer Rose or even Crete or New Post. Speaking of New Post, has anyone ever had anything off their "Mexican specials" board?

              Ceecee, besides dessert, what do you order from Chips?

          2. re: tracyk

            I haven't been there in 3 years, but I always thought the bkfst was decent. Tacky yes, NY style no, but still not horrid.

        3. take the subway, 7 train is real quick into and out of manhattan.


          stop inn 61st & roosevelt, great diner.
          new york style eats, kinda a step up from a diner, more choies, good breakfasts.

          take away lunches...
          el jarro 45th st & 48th ave. amazing mexican. AMAZINGLy cheap and deelish. good portions even dine in, very cute atmosphere.
          aubergine cafe 50th street & skillman ave. yummy sandwiches, salads, lite fare.

          casual dinners...
          el jarro again, i have to reccomend because it is so good, bring your own booze...even tequila and they'll make you a margarita.

          la flor 53rd & roosevelt avenue. delicious, will satisfy any gourmand. yummy and reliable.

          quaint skillman btwn 46-47. delicious, new, simple american bistro. nice garden.

          1. Sripraphai's in Woodside - cheap and some of the best thai in the city, if not the best. Some better thai to be had in LA and Bangkok, I'm sure. 64-13 39th Ave.

            Donovan's for Burgers and pleasant, pubby atmosphere - 57-24 Roosevelt

            Mangal Kebab - Take out DIVE, but terrific Turkish food, the best value of Turkish food I've had around here - 47th Street and Queens Blvd.

            Tangra - 39-23 Queens Boulevard - not to everyone's taste, but I rather like the Indian Hakka cuisine.

            Yamakaze - 3911 Queens Boulevard - Japanese/tibetan
            Yeti - 44th and Queens Boulevard - same

            1. Oh... and Spicy Mina's in Woodside, too. 64-23 Broadway. Superlative Indian food, rather inexpensive.

              1. We recently had a great meal at Khao Homm in Woodside, not far from Sripraphai (right across the street from the 7 station). I posted a review below.