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Aug 14, 2006 06:09 PM

Help!!! My bbq beans came out too sweet

I changed my standard recipe by sprinkling brown sugar on top of them and then placing in the smoker.

My SO says their too sweet and won't eat them. What can I add to the beans to make them less sweet?



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  1. I usually add mustard when I make bbq beans. It's a nice touch with the brown sugar and will help make them less sweet.

    1. More beans!

      Seriously, though. How about some brown mustard?

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      1. re: ladelfa

        I use Tabasco spicy brown and a little bourbon

      2. Maybe a touch or two or rum and/or some lemon juice or cider vinegar

        1. I second the mustard rec -- or also a little cider vinegar (or any vinegar) will help.

          1. It's hard to combat intense sweetness with spicing IME. My recommendation would be to add more bulk (beans, canned tomatoes); then taste and add a dash of vinegar, mustard, tabasco, or canned chipotles, minced.