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Aug 14, 2006 05:48 PM

best sushi high end best sushi day to day

Hi there I was wondering what the thoughts were regarding this..

some of the contenders I am hoping to hear about are

high end (not including masa or nobu)
sushi of gari
jewel bako

day to day
tomoe sushi
ushi wakamaru

enjoy the debate!

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  1. I think Jewel Bako will be off your list soon. My understanding is that Jewel Bako is being transformed into JB Makimono. I haven't been to JB since Makimono closed but I think that is the plan since Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar has now closed it's doors.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      They are not transforming Jewel Bako into makimono. They've expanded the menu at Jewel Bako to offer some of the lower-priced rolls, nigiri, etc. options that were available at Makimono and will continue to offer their higher end and unique offerings as well.
      MMMMM. Omakase.

      1. re: sashimi_forever

        I heard that JB's sushi chef of the last two years (at least) has left... is this right? I had friends who went Friday night and said he wasn't there. They also said it was below typical JB standards of excellence.

        I'm no hater, and have posted many times about JB's awesomeness:

        I'm just a little sad at this turn of events.

        1. re: bill_p

          it's more likely that Masato-san is on vacation...i was there a couple months ago and remember him telling me that he would be spending a few weeks in Tokyo at some point: so perhaps (hopefully!) that's the reason for his absence...

          1. re: bill_p

            I just reread your post from your Omakase and it seriously made my mouth water. Thank you for that mid-day treat.

            I understand the sadness (although have no idea if the chef left or not, and is so, it would be a serious cause for sadness). I panic everytime I hear a rumor that Jewel Bako might be closing or transforming into something else.

            1. re: sashimi_forever

              I'm sorry to report that Masato-san has left Jewel Bako. I agree it's a sad development for the NY sushi scene.

              1. re: sashimi_forever

                Does anyone know where Masato went?

                For that matter, where is Yoshida now... is he still at Geisha?

                1. re: sashimi_forever

                  Responding to BILL_P:

                  If I am not mistaken my hairdresser, who is a friend of Yoshida, told me he has left Geisha, but he could not tell me where he went. He told me that he does not like to stay at one place too long. This may not be 100% accuarate as my hairdresser just moved here from Toyko 10 months ago and his English was not so great.

                  He did say something about Ichimura on 54th and 2nd, but I don't know if it was related to Yoshida or not.

          2. Tomoe, my old favorite, went downhill quickly after Ken stopped working the sushi bar. Very sad. Went for Omakase at Sushi of Gari earlier this summer and it was heavenly.


            1. The food at Nobu is very good, but sushi is the weakest part of their menu. IMO, the sushi at Nobu isn't in the top twenty in New York.

              1. There's been quite a bit of debate on this board regarding Yasuda vs. JB vs. the others. Yasuda is astoundingly delicious, and will top my list if JB is really going away. Yasuda and Sushi of Gari are very different and could be summed up as classic vs. innovative.

                My favorite day-to-day sushi place is Natori. Best value in the city for great sushi, I believe. If I'm wrong, I would love to hear of other options.

                1. in addition to natori, i like takahachi and esashi (both on avenue a) for day-to-day sushi.

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                  1. re: wleatherette

                    i had a meal at Esashi a couple weeks ago: i hadn't been there in a while and wanted to check it out again (the meals i'd had a few years ago there had been solid)...this time, the fish was very mediocre and i'm unlikely to return soon...has it gone into decline?

                    1. re: Simon

                      the last few times i've been i've had hot food, so it's been a little while since i've tried their sushi. i hope your experience isn't indicative of a decline, as it's one of my favorite neighborhood spots.

                      1. re: wleatherette

                        I used to have a lot better meal there a couple years ago when the owner was there all the time...I mean, then, I used to think the place was underrated. Now I go to Sachiko's on Clinton when I'm in that area and don't want to spend $$$ at Le Miu. The price went down, and they make good makimonos. I also like the garden in the back.

                      2. re: Simon

                        I just ate at Esashi for the first time last night. I ordered the Sushi and Sashimi Combination, which came with 8 pieces of sashimi, 6 sushi, and a California roll. I thought the salmon and the hamachi were stellar - buttery, melt in your mouth pieces.