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Aug 14, 2006 05:40 PM

ISO of Tacos in the OC

Recently been having some serious cravings for authentic carne asada tacos just like El Taurinos back in my old SC days and authentic fish tacos just like the ones in Encenada. Any recs here in OC to satisfy my taco needs....preferrably closer to South OC.
Thanks !

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  1. Have you tried Las Golandrinas (there's one in SJC off of the I-5 at Ortega Hwy on the east side, may be others not sure) ? I'm not as sure about the tacos, but the Burritos used to be very good -loved their chile relleno burrito.

    1. While there aren't many great taco places in OC, I really like those at Taqueria El Granjenal, at 899 W. 19th St, in Costa Mesa.

      Gustavo Arellano mentions this place as his favorite taqueria and other suggestions in this column on the OC Weekly. I haven't tried any of the other taquerias yet.

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        I agree that El Granjenal makes a good grilled fish taco, especially with the salsa verde. Their licuados are pretty good as well.

        Don't like their meats as much as El Toro Bravo's, though. El Toro Bravo is my go to hole in the wall tortilleria & taqueria (not to be confused with their carniceria across the same parking lot). The chile rojo kicks ass, as does the oniony carne asada, carnitas and pollo rostizado. The chicharron here are cubes of crunchy, crispy skin-on pork belly fried to a dark Crayola Brown. A combo plate of these is your ticket to a triple bypass, yet you'll still be licking your chops in the ambulance on the way to the ER. Totally worth it when you're in the mood for a really rich pork fat indulgence.

        Home made salsas roja and fresca kick ass, but the salsa verde comes from a can and isn't worth the time.
        El Toro Bravo Tortilleria
        745 W. 19th St. #G
        Costa Mesa

      2. For fish tacos I gather that the ones at Las Cotijas in Tustin are hard to beat, too.

        I'm personally not a big fan of las golandrinas, esp for tacos.

        I'm not familiar with the El taurino taco. Describe it and perhaps someone can find you a match.

        1. Finally was able to visit El Granjenal and ordered a bunch of different tacos and a few burritos for take out.
          Food was the bomb ! It has been awhile since we've had some tasty tacos and this place hit the spot.
          Anything closer to South OC and though I didn't mind the 2 full size tortillas for each taco, I actually prefer the smaller versions.
          Any recs for fish tacos that come close to the ones you can only get in Encanada.
          Thanks !