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Aug 14, 2006 05:30 PM

Deals on gas grills

I'm starting to realize that I'll need to buy a new gas grill within the next year. What is the best time of year to find some good deals? Are there any stores or websites that offer the best discounts? Any recommendations for a high quality gas grill hat I can get for the lowest cost?

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  1. Ambergirl, Check out "The Globe Cafe" gas grill. This unit offers both direct and indirect heat; it's top grill is interchangeable with provided accessories that include: A Wok,
    a dutch oven with lid, a griddle and, best of all, a huge cast iron Paella pan. On hot summer days (when you don't want to heat up the kitchen) you can fry in the cast iron dutch oven. (It makes great fried chicken.) With the Wok and direct heat, you can have true Wok cooking because there is enough raw heat available. The units run about $800.00 including all the accessories.

    1. Earlier this year I was in the market for a new gas grill. In February I was wandering through my local big box home improvement store and found that they were selling their Weber gas grills for 1/2 price (I got a Weber Silver B and am fully satisfied). Evidently, they were clearing "last year’s" inventory to make room for the new models. The difference? Besides price, I think you can now get Weber grills in colors other than black. My black grill works just great. So, if you can wait for a deal, try checking the big stores as they clear inventory in preparation for the Spring season.

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        I've also got a Weber Genesis Silber B (demo special at Home Depot) and have generally been happy with it, the heat and capacity are great for parties, and using just the front rank of the three-rank burner leaves me plenty of room for indirect slow-smoking barbecue. I did have to replace the burners after three years though, they were no longer heating evenly, but that may be partly my fault for using a wire brush on them (along with everything else on the interior) in an attempt to clean it.

      2. Thanks to my research both online and on Chowhoud Cookware, I purchased the BIG GREEN EGG. Go to and check out the customer feedback. I've never read such rave reviews about a grill/smoker or any other product. It uses natural lump charcoal instead of gas or regular kingsford charcoal. By using natural lump charcoal, the flavor of the food is undeniably better...there's no comparison. No lighter fluid needed. The technology behind the Green Egg is based on ancient Japanese clay oven cooking. The Green Egg is much improved over the old Japanese technology in terms of durability. It's now made of sturdy thick ceramic and can hold constant temperature's for overnight smoking etc. The Egg can grill, smoke, can accomodate wok cooking, bakes pizza's, pies, etc, etc.
        I currently own three other grills, a direct gas line Weber Genesis Silver with all the bells and whistles, and two kettle style weber charcoal grills. Since I purchase my extra large big green egg, I haven't touched my 3 weber grills...there's no need.

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        1. re: amoncada

          Thanks, that sounds like a great product. I just checked out their website and there is no info at all on pricing... I even checked out the websites for my local dealers and found nothing. What is the ballpark price for a large grill with stand etc.?

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            $869 on Amazon. Probably better prices out there, though. I also heard rave reviews on the BGE when looking at grills. It seems to be one of those products that "changes people" and creates a cult-like following. There has to be something good about this grill. However, at the time I was really looking for gas grills (convenience) and didn't have the $ no matter how good it was. Maybe next Christmas...

            1. re: AmblerGirl

              Where do you live?

              I phoned The Backyard Barbacue Store in Wilmette, Illinois for more information 847-251-2272. The Big Green Egg pricing is as follows:

              EXTRA LARGE EGG: $1129 With stand
              LARGE: $829 With stand
              MEDIUM: $699 Wigh stand
              SMALL: $499 Without stand (this one is far too small)

              The guys at the Wilmette store are very helpful. If you buy one here locally, they assemble and deliver them and throw in; a large bag of natural lump charcoal (no additives so it's healthier than using regular highly processed additive-laden charcoal briquettes), and a bag of your favorite wood chuncks or chips for smoking.

              I can't emphasize enough how great these grill/smoker's are. Some of the Egg owners listed in the BIGGREENEGG.COM forum have had their eggs or the original Kamodo version since world war II. Please report back.

              1. re: AmblerGirl

                Check out

                I love my Weber Genesis Silver B. Sturdy, easy to use, big enough.

                Rule of thumb.....cook with gas during the week, charcoal on the weekends. BGE is great, but not practical after a long day at work. Worth the expense? I doubt it. I still make killer meals with my Weber kettle-style charcoal grill....$80. $800 for a charcoal grill....puh-lease!

                1. re: G Goo

                  Yes, the Big Green Egg is expensive but well worth the expense. Some of the egg or Kamodo owners have had theirs since world war two. I don't think a Weber or any other conventional grill will consistently last more than 10 years without replacing a significant number of parts or the whole grill for that matter.
                  I come from a food crazy family. My parents, brothers and sisters, wife, are fantatical about everything food, 24/7, whether it be grilling, picking an olive oil or a balsamic vinegar, slow smoking some ribs, homemade fish soup, basmati rice, etc, etc. The fanatical Big Green Egg owners (EggHeads) sold me on the Big Green Egg. They're fanatics about their Green Eggs because they're such a great product. We're from the same Egg...ha ha.
                  I have 2 Weber Kettle style charcoal grills and a direct line gas fed Weber Genesis with all of the bells and whistles. I haven't touched them since I bought my Big Green Egg. You can get your lump charcoal ready in about 15-20 minutes, only a few minutes longer than the wait time for heating up the gas fed grill. The lump charcoal fires up faster, gives unbelievable flavor to food, and burns more evenly than the chemical laden kingsford charcoal. Stop by the BackYard Barbacue store in Wilmette sometime for the Saturday morning slow smoked meats samples...also check out the eggs. I'm just as big a fan of Weber grills as you but now an even bigger one of the Green Egg. I almost bought the Weber Smoker Mountain (bullet) but decided on the Egg for it's greater versatility...smoker, pizza oven, pastry oven, grill, wok, etc.

                  1. re: amoncada

                    I'm from Philly so I don't think I'll be able to swing by Oregon, at least not quickly!! Although I'd love to. I guess Oregon Avenue (South Philly) will have to do for now!

                    As for Weber kettle grills....I also use natural lump charcoal, and with a chimney starter I'm raring to go in, well, 15 to 20 minutes. I've heard alot of great things about the Egg, but for $800?? Seems a frivolous expense, especially with a few extras (wood planks, smoking chips....maybe some sort of ceramic....thingy) you could replicate most of what the Egg can do at a fraction of the cost, one-tenth to be exact. Let me know when supply outpaces demand, and they go on sale for like $400 and I'm there!

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                      Whoops, Illinois not Oregon........Sorry! Mixed your town up with the river in Oregon! Srangely though, no Illinois Ave in Philadelphia.