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Aug 14, 2006 05:28 PM

Oceanaire Seafood Room (San Diego) [Moved from Calif board]

Chain is usually a pretty dirty word on Chowhound, and I'm about to commit heresay - but Oceanaire (a chain restaurant) is a tremendously good restaurant in the -usually reviled and thrased on this list - Gaslamp District of San Diego.

My friend Pat and I went to Oceanaire for my birthday on night last week. We had an excellent, if not spectacular, meal. Pat started with 6 oysters on the half-shell and me with a chile/garlic/ginger shrimp concoction. We both had fresh fish grill and simply sauced, she the sturgeon and me the swordfish. We ordered 2 side dishes to accompany the fish since everything is a la carte. The green beans were spectacular and the dijon au gratin potatoes merely good ;-).

We weren't planning on dessert but the Oceanaire's birthday dessert is a terrific baked alaska that they flame with 151 rum and creme de cacao. Details and pictures at -

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  1. I concur - have been to Oceanaire in D.C. several times.
    Good food / pretty restaurant / good service.
    (wish it wasnt a chain....)