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Beautiful Tomatoes.........Cherries.....(PHOTOS)

I think I must be a "tomatophile".

In my continuing saga of "Beautiful Food", below are photos of just-picked cherry tomatoes from my garden...

Isis Candy...


Mike's Red Cherry

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  1. Those photos are truly beautiful.

    1. I think I'll frame that first one for my kitchen!

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      1. They don't even look real! So perfect... keep the photos coming FWF! Someday, I will reciprocate!

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          Thank you Katie Nell...just posted a "Beautiful" cocktail below:

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            I discovered that the SunSugar tomatoes which had split (from being on the vine "too long") had the best flavor, second would be the Mike's Cherry--volunteers from last year.

            If you could only grow one tomato plant, I would recommend the latter. It grows about 10 feet long (best over a shrub for support), and produces until January/February, a most prolific plant!

            The Isis Candy is gorgeous and tasty. The picture does not acutally do it justice--it has a pinkish hue with a yellow "star" eminating from it's stem--very pretty.

            1. re: Funwithfood

              I swear those leaves look like they're cut from felt fabric. Are you just pulling our legs? :) j/k

          2. So gorgeous and so many!! You're very, very lucky. Enjoy!

            1. Those Isis Candy really do look like candy made to look like tomatoes! Gorgeous.

              1. Gorgeous!!!
                This may be too much of a digression, but I am curious about what sort of camera you used to get such wonderful pictures. (I'm a photography ignoramus, but I just would like to know.)

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                  1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

                    Thanks, it does seem to be a good camera. It was a gift--was supposed to be the "best in the mid-price range"; Canon PowerShot A70.

                1. Wow, you can even see the fuzzy stuff on the vines!!!