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Aug 14, 2006 05:25 PM

Found some great chow in Lancaster area....

My husband and I went to Lancaster this weekend and I wanted to report back on some really good food we had while on our trip....
We tried the chef tasting menu at Donecker's and it was absolutely amazing. The service was great, the wine was impressive but it was really the food that stood out. The menu included oxtail terrine, french onion soup with a minuature gruyere flan and a crispy parmesean wafer (the soup was incredible), monkfih over a vanilla corn cake with lobster butter and fresh corn salsa, amazing cheese plate with minted walnuts (this was a supplement to the menu), lemon ice cream with vanilla infused plums. It was overall a great experience, I cannot recommend it more highly. It is a bargain at $65/person including wine... though the bill can really add up if you add the menu supplements or additional drinks.
We had an amazing lunch at Prudhomme's Lost Kitchen. It is a bit off the beaten path but the food was great, prices reasonable, and service was really friendly. Great cajun food. I wish they were located a bit closer to the Philly area and I'd be there all the time.
There is an amazing ice cream place right outside of Adamstown, less than 10 minutes from Stoudt's. The name escapes me right now.. I'm thinking Boehring's or Brenninger's. Amazing ice cream and really good road food (burgers, etc.).
Had lunch at Lancaster Brewery. Good standard brewpub food, but the beers are really great. The hefeweisen and the milk stoudt are really good.

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  1. Ambler Girl....

    Glad you liked your tasting menu at Doneckers !
    That ice cream placeis Boehringers on Rt 272 in Adamstown.

    1. Also glad to hear you enjoyed the Milk Stout at Lancaster Brewing. Its my favorite domestic milk stout (second overall only to Mackesons which originated the Style).

      We keep meaning to get to Prudhommes on our Lancaster visits, but some how never do. I've heard many favorable opinions of it.

      1. I have been touting Prudhommes here for YEARS. It is the real deal for cajun food. At one time I had a standing offer to Leff that if he met me there I would pay for his dinner. Go to Prudhommes, David and Sharon are great folks with good food

        1. I always forget about Boehringers, and they do have excellent ice cream.

          Glad to see you have proof that a great chow experience is possible in Lancaster County.

          1. We went out of our way to have dinner at Prudhomme's on Aug. 18, based entirely on the posts here. Maybe we caught them on a bad night (Friday?), but it was quite a disappointment. The seafood gumbo was far from fresh and the roux had separated, with the oil pooling on top of the thin broth (hey, I can do that at home). The chicken and turkey andouille jambalaya was inedible: a soggy, bland, tomatoey glop that contained only two leather-tough pieces of surprisingly flavorless sausage and no discernable chicken. The house-baked (so I was told by the waitress) jalapeno rolls were gummy and tasted as though they had not crossed paths with any pepper, jalapeno or otherwise. Apart from the poor execution, what struck us was how little flavor there was in any of these pseudo-Cajun offerings. If it is indeed true, as the menu claims, that the proprietors are kin to NOLA legend Paul Prudhomme, then K-Paul ought to have his lawyers look into getting an injunction against such advertising. I'll say this, though: the waitress was very nice.