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Aug 14, 2006 05:15 PM

Aphrodisiac Restaurant Review

My boyfriend and I went to Aphrodisiac on Sunday and used our discount letter where the Four Course menu was $19.00 vs. $39.00 (including two drinks/cocktails). The décor is quite lovely and there are a few booths where you can get a bit more privacy (sheer drapes can enclose you in your booth). It seemed more spacious than the typical LA restaurant where you can hear your neighbor’s conversations. Our waiter was great, he explained what we could get with our discount and items not on the four course menu were available for an additional cost. A basket of soft rolls and crunchy cheese bread immediately came out along with some oil and vinegar for dipping sauce. We both stuck with wine although I wish I had ordered the creamsicle cocktail, another table had ordered it and it looked refreshing. The chef had an amuse bouche brought out (chopped salmon on a tortilla chip, very good). I ordered the spinach salad (delicious in its simplicity), and the halibut (with saffron sauce served on top of a bed of rice and vegetables). The halibut was very moist, and the sauce made the fish (I’m not a big fish person but I love sauces that go with it). My boyfriend had the chicken which he very much enjoyed. Their fries are addictive! I could have eaten all his fries but I refrained myself. We both had the strawberry shortcake for dessert which was light and perfect as an ending. This is a great deal at $19 (And we noticed everyone who came in had the discount letter as well). I do hope they succeed as a restaurant, their service and food certainly deserve to!

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  1. how does one get the discount letter?

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    1. re: wilafur

      I assume it was mailed to everyone in the 90025 zip code, or areas near the restaurant. I certainly didn't sign up for anything to get the letter.

      1. re: dinami

        booo! i live smack dab in the 90025. :(

      2. re: wilafur

        Were you ever a patron at Porterhouse Bistro in Beverly Hills, which is related to this place, the former Lunaria, in some convoluted way?
        To the OP, did they remodel the Lunaria space, or just fluff it, as before it was just the strangest layout and most boring decor imaginable?

          1. re: carter

            I never went to Porterhouse Bistro, or the former Lunaria.