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Aug 14, 2006 04:42 PM

Porkchop recipes, favorites new and old

Hello my chowhound cohorts. The weather where I live,Toronto,on, is getting cooler, thank the heavens. Does anyone have any new or old porkchop recipes that they would like to share? that can be cooked on or in a stove ? I've recently really enjoyed some of the recipes posted on this site and would like to make more. Thanks and cheers !

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  1. not gourmet at all, but tasty and bring back good memories...

    Mom's Recipe - Cover pork chops w/ cream of mushroom soup and bake. Veggies can be added if desired.

    GF's Grandmother's Recipe - Put pork chops in pot on stove or slow cooker. Add one whole bottle of ketchup, and an equal amount of water. Add a minced small onion, some brown sugar, and some vinegar (she used white, I will use cider vinegar). It's a nice sweet/sour combination, and should be served with bread for dipping.

    1. Molly Stevens' book "All About Braising" has a delightful recipe for Pork Chops in Creamy Cabbage that you might love to try. I thought I had paraphrased the recipe a while back but I cannot find it!

      1. There is a recipe from Bon Appetite at Epicurious for pork chops with fresh bread crumbs and Parmesan. The first time I came across it was on a flighg back from FL and stopped at the store to get what I needed post flight. It has become a favorite. The recipe called for the chops to be finished in the oven but I have always cooked them in a griddle pan low and slow. Excellent chops. Use the loin type instead of the T-bone type with the bit of tenderloin attached.

        1. I sprinkle mine with s&p, cinnamon and flour. Brown them in a cast iron skillet and finish them off in the oven if necessary.

          1. my dad makes a mean parsley and garlic pork chop. use a cast iron pan if possible. chop garlic finely and add to olive oil. add tons of lightly chopped parsley (should be leaf intact). add pork chops and cover. sizzling should be going on but don't cook it too high.