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Aug 14, 2006 04:33 PM

Magnolia on Haight

Not sure how long the new Chef has been there, but s/he is making a big difference. I did post about a week ago about a poorly conceived tomato and cucumber sandwich, but I ate again there recently and was very impressed.

Yes, this place can be uneven, but the new menu and improved execution has me hopeful (and their wings are back).

If you live in the 'hood or love their beer, I would strongly suggest checking it out. I had a halibut dish with white beans, summer squash and pesto that was just about perfect, and their fries are better than ever (although not the shoestring crisp kind).

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  1. Howdy,

    I agree - Chef Blyden is improving the place. He's been there a couple of months now. Magnolia certainly has a checkered past, quality-wise, but our last several visits have shown a change for the better.

    The red & gold beet salad I had was excellent and prettily-plated. My roast beef brunch was very good, and they comped my gf her french toast when it took a little long'ish to come out of the kitchen, which was beyond what we expected.

    The burgers still don't seem as good as they once were (years ago), but they're good, and my tastes may well have changed since the days when I thought their burger was tops. A recent steak frites, although overdone by about one doneness, was flavorful.

    Magnolia is the closest restaurant to where I live, and I'm so far cautiously optimistic that it's again worth patronizing. The beer board has been very slim lately, though, which is a bummer.


    1. they've also recently added a snitzel sandwich which quite delicious.

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      1. re: brian j

        ooooo! You said the magic word: schnitzel. Could you elaborate on this fine sandwich?

      2. When is it possible to eat there? I've tried a few times and the crowd from the
        bar area had spilled over into at least 2/3 of the restaurant and were nearly sitting
        on the tables. It seems to be a dreadfully poorly-designed space with absolutely
        no crowd control at all. Has the new chef changed that at all? A schnitzel with one
        of their excellent beers would be very good if I could figure out how to do it.

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        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          They do brunch on weekends, starting at 10, and the menu has a lot of lunch items, including the burger. On weekends, it doesn't get busy in there until nearly noon. On weekdays, as long as you get there by 7 you should be ok.

        2. the snitzel sandwich consisted of two nice thin pieces of fried pork on some sort of soft roll. i think there was also lettuce and tomato, but can't remember for sure. also comes with some good potato salad. the snitzel was very nicely fried. a delicious treat. i'll definitely be back for more of this sandwich...

          as for the other poster's question of when is a good time to go, well, i haven't exactly figured that out myself. they defitely often seem busy between 6-9pm.

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          1. re: brian j

            Just for clarification, you do mean 'breaded' and fried??!!!
            I do hope so...I'm crazy for shnitzel, in all its' forms....Katsu, Chicken Fried, Parmagiana etc!!!

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              Hi Derek,

              I just had Mag's schnitzel sandwich last week and yes, it's two thin, breaded, and fried pieces of pork. I don't believe I've ever had anything advertised as schnitzel before so I can't offer a comparison, but I can say that I liked it a lot and will be ordering it again. Like Brian, I enjoyed the accompanying potato salad as well - light, herby, tasty.


              1. re: adampaul

       is an easy walk for me to get there, and i will definitely give it a try!