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Aug 14, 2006 04:13 PM

Hells Kitchen Finale Tonight- Does anyone watch?

i dont remember posts about hells kitchen..? does anyone watch? i think its fun and i hope heather wins. i cant stand virginia.

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  1. I love it! I own a restaurant, and I can't even IMAGINE treating staff the way Gordon Ramsay does. Imagine being called "cow" over and over...or having a plate of food dumped down your front. Or being told as a customer to "go sit down!" and "get your breasts off my hotplate".!!!!
    I think Virginia's going to win, because Chef has a soft spot for her (especially when she told him she could be molded in his likeness...how's that for the old ego?). I don't really like either of them, Virginia was unethical when she said she was quitting, and then didn't. So I'm voting for Heather by default.
    I liked the Prison chef guy, he always got things DONE.

    1. So glad Heather won! She deserved it!!!

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        A spoiler warning might have been nice...

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          I am so sorry, didn't mean to do that...

      2. hello, Heather deserved to win on merit, she was the most consistent and skilled, but I'd never eat at her place. Vegas has great places to eat; her place in the Red Rock won't be one of them. Virginia's menu had more that would interest me, and pro chefs should get a clue about using sustainably harvested fish instead of the poor patagonians ("chilean sea bass"). Virginia got to the final with her acute palate, overall intelligence (applying herself to the tests), probably good coaching from her chef hubby, and luck. Heather didn't seem very bright,her final menu lacked imagination, and her emotional fragility makes me doubt she will last very long as exec chef. I found the final to be less entertaining than some of the earlier episodes, mainly because of the tests imposed by GR, who's probably expanding his restaurant empire to Hollywood. have fun

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          I had the same reaction. I knew Heather would win, because at this time she is more able to run the kitchen, and I think her confidence and skill will grow as she becomes more experienced. However, Virginia has more bones for becoming an excellent, even great chef. If Gordon Ramsey called her palate an extrordinary gift, that is some compliment. My sister and I had a heated discussion last night after the show. My position is that down the line Virginia, who is quite determined and sensible, will be the better and more successful chef. My sister said that Heather's management skills would take her to success and that you can hire creativity. In the long run a great chef rises to the top and aquires the skill to run a kitchen. Virginia is already on her way to running a kitchen. It was obvious that Ramsey admired Virginia's gifts, but thought she was not ready to run a kitchen, and he was correct. So for now the decision is right.

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              I thought the same thing abpout the sea bass. Very poor call on her part.

            2. I just know if I owned a billion dollar resort I wouldn't be having someone who won a tv show be the executive chef. I found the chefs on Top Chef to be far superior than any of the chefs on Hells Kitchen. However, because of the network HK is on, they pick characters to make it more entertaining. Neither Heather nor Virginia seem posed to be the next Mario Batalli or Gordon Ramsey however.

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                Probably the owners of the billion dollar resort don't mind the millions of dollars of free publicity this show has garnered them. And no one who is an owner of that restaurant is going to put some reality TV character in charge of anything. If they do get placed there it will probably be after a lot of coaching/training, and under a very tight rein.

                Let's not forget this is TV, or rather this is show business.

              2. Virginia has talent and creativity. What she lacks in ethics she makes up for in breasts. So I was surprised she didn't win, considering GR's hard spot for her.

                Heather, while a hard determined worker, is an idiot who couldn't taste the difference between basil and cilantro in the previous episode! No way would I ever eat in her place.