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dinner uptown with kids?...and cheap?

margaret Aug 14, 2006 03:58 PM

I'm looking for a casual place, UES, UWS, or beyond, suitable for bringing children, with good vegetarian options. Should also be cheap. Any ideas?

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  1. k
    kim foodie RE: margaret Aug 14, 2006 06:23 PM

    What kind of food are you looking for?

    If you are interested in Vietnamese, I can recommend Saigon Grill on 91st and Amsterdam. Very affordable, casual, and I've seen many families there with children (the tables are not too close together).

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      margaret RE: kim foodie Aug 14, 2006 06:42 PM

      Thanks for the recommendation. I've been to Saigon Grill and liked it quite a bit. I do remember it as being pretty fast-paced and loud, which could either work well with kids or just make the whole experience over-stimulating and crazy. Perhaps I'm thinking about it too much.

      As for what kind of food, we're pretty open. The kids are pretty adventurous eaters. And the adults like everything.

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