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Aug 14, 2006 03:49 PM

How not about food is Not About Food?

I responded to "Are we really that rare? I guess so..." link. The guy told a story about bringing bean salad to a car club meet. I did get a little flighty but I was thinking about what it means to have a great interest in food, as compared to other things. But my response was deleted, as was his response to me. True, I wasn't directly critiquing bean salad or providing ideas about a different bean salad. But is Not About Food not an appropriate forum for larger and potentially interesting issues?

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  1. The name of the 'Not About Food' board is pretty tempting. After all, everything that isn't actually about food must be Not About Food, right?

    Not really.

    Not About Food exists as a place for us to move somewhat off topic digressions from other boards, and to discuss issues that aren't food but are directly related. Really not food related stuff, whether it's innocent stuff like car clubs or music, or larger issues like politics and religion are off topic, even for Not About Food.

    1. Right. I thought I was talking more about how the guy was discovering that a heightened appreciation of certain aesthetics doesn't necessarily translate to the same with food. I guess I lost focus, but I thought I was talking about peoples' issues and limitations with food and eating.
      Is that a legit conversation and which board would it be ok in?