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Aug 14, 2006 03:28 PM

Oyster House near Seattle but not in Seattle

I'm bringing my oyster-guzzling boyfriend to Seattle for a trip next week. While I lived there for several years I never once had an oyster! Everyone recommends Elliot's or Etta's for oysters. But I'm curious about lesser known oyster places outside of Seattle. Has anyone visited the oyster houses on Chuckanut Drive (I think that's about 50 miles north of SEA)? Or any oyster places by Olympia? While I lived in Seattle, I worked at the UW's graduate school of marine biology. They got their oysters from Quilcene, WA (I think it's called Taylor Farms) on the hood Canal. Any good oyster places near there?

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  1. I think you mean Oyster Creek Inn on Chuckanut Drive, which you can find reviews of if you search this board. Near Shelton there is Xihn's Clam and Oyster House. BUT, you sound like you haven't heard about all the shellfish closures here (there is a thread from a few days ago, or if you look at the Wa. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife site, or any local paper, I'm sure you'll find out about it). You won't be eating any local oysters. So, you might fare better going to the big places in Seattle-Elliot's or the Brooklyn-which are undoubtedly importing oysters from BC and Alaska.

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      Thanks Christy! I checked out the WDFW site. Yikes! Sounds like Elliot's indeed. Or the Brooklyn. Feels a little weird to be coming from Brooklyn, NY. But if I remember correctly, the Brooklyn has utterly amazing desserts. I remember desserts at the Brooklyn and the Metropolitan pretty vividly!