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Looking for a place to buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil

Does anybody know a good place to find this? Preferably downtown (below 14th), and preferably at a moderate price. Also would be willing to travel to a borough if absolutely necessary.


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  1. Sorry can't answer your question but I'm curious. What is Styrian pumpkin seed oil? What do you use it for? thanks....

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      It's a dark green, almost black oil made from pumpkin seeds. It is a specialty of the Styria region of Austria. The flavor is very intense, but I'm not good at describing it exactly (sorry!).It's very tasty on greens, with a touch of salt and pepper. It can also be used basically as-is as a sauce for vegys or mild-flavored fish. I'm sure there are other uses for it as well.

    2. Kalustyan's has pumpkin seed oil, though not sure if it is exactly what you're looking for.

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        Yes, Kalustyan has the Styrian kind--I almost bought some last week but I was put off by the price.

      2. Dean & DeLuca almost certainly has it; Sur La Table might. Garden of Eden on 14th St. probably too, maybe even Whole Foods. Beware, however, that US regs don't require dates on this sort of product and while the European bottles have a space for it, they rarely include it on the exports we get. Not that dates on oil are usually a huge deal, but presumably you know pumpkin seed oil is relatively short-lived - in short it's often in questionable shape by the time you get it home. I don't know what WF return policy is like but it's probably better than D&D and Garden of Eden, so that might be a good first choice.

        1. Styria (Steuermark) is fairly close to Hungary--try the Yorkville Meat Emporium around 80th or 81st St. and 2nd Avenue.

          1. Please let us know if you do find it, and how it is. I've bought little bottles of it at Gourmet Garage and Dean and Deluca before, but this stuff is extremely perishable and has always tasted less-than-fresh if not outright rancid. It probably belongs in the fridge.

            1. Thanks for the replies!!

              I ended up finding it at a place called "The Sweet Life" on Hester St. at Ludlow. I hadn't thought of the freshness issue--that's a good point!--but they said if it was rancid I could bring it back. Haven't tried it yet because it's a surprise for the hubby, who spent a summer in Graz, and loves the stuff. I called Whole Foods, Sur la Table, and Dean and Deluca; only D&D had it, and it was a lot more than at The Sweet LIfe ($18 for 250 ml. vs. $20 for 16.9 oz.).


              1. Which brand did you find? If you remember, let us know how it was? I'm always leery of buying it b/c of the rancidity issue. And I definitely agree with FSchubert - keep it in the fridge at home, even if you have to let it warm up when you want to use it - it'll keep much longer.

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                  I got a 16.9 oz bottle of F.Url brand oil at The Sweet Life on Hester at Ludlow. We tried it yesterday and it was good, not spoiled. As per the suggestions, we will be keeping it in the fridge for enhanced shelf-life.

                  Thanks for the help!!

                2. Thanks for posting back - after getting a couple of stale bottles in a row, I'd pretty much given up on it, I'll have to go check this place out.

                  1. to the community of pumpkin oil lovers,

                    i am styrian, so let me tell you two things: yes, you absolutely do have to keep it in the fridge once it is opened. to prolong fridge-life: add a tiny amount of salt to the opened bottle. if it was relatively fresh when you bought it - it keeps up to a year...

                    since i didnt go home this year and didnt have space last year (bad decision) to carry it back with me - does anybody know a place in san francisco? thanks, nadja

                    1. I've been looking for this oil. A friend told me to go to SOS chefs on ave b between 6th and 7th. They have it but its $35 for 500ml. I was leary of buying because I wouldn't be able to use it fast enough before it goes rancid. I found this article today and will try Zabar's or Balducci's "In New York, Balducci's sells Austrian pumpkinseed oil for $14.99 for 8.5 ounces; Zabar's carries another, less expensive Austrian brand that is $9.98 for 6.8 ounces."
                      NY Times Article: A Regional Taste Travels Well: Austrian Pumpkinseed Oil

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                        Please note that the date of that article is 1998! VERY good point above by MikeG about oils here not having to be dated! And too often, if the bottles do bear dates (Laudemio olive oil, for example) the dates have long passed--this at several "top" retailers.

                      2. I lived in Austria for many years and I'm now back in Los Angeles. Original Pumpkin Seed Oil from Styria is hard to find in the United States. The reason for that is simple: The quantity of (authentic) styrian pumpkin seed oil produced every year is marginal. It's 100% organic, not industrially produced, very healthy and tasty. A couple of days ago I bought a bottle of "Styrian Gold" Pumpkin Seed Oil at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (N. Beverly Drive). It's delicious! It's like the pumpkin seed oil I always had when I was in Austria...