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Aug 14, 2006 03:16 PM

How do YOU cook/bake?

There is nothing I love better than having the kitchen all to myself on a Sunday afternoon.

Radio on and tuned to either my favourite jazz station or 70s rock station, depending on my mood.

My favourite green apron on and cooking all afternoon.

Fresh pasta, paella, mussels, cakes, fresh bread, stews, anything and everyting etc. etc. etc.

This got me thinking...how do other people do it? What is your kitchen routine?


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  1. Hair up, nails clipped, comfy shoes on, something dumb on the TV for background noise.

    If you see all four, it means I'll be cooking most of the day. SO's been too busy and exhausted from work lately to help me much, but when we're together in the kitchen we're a pretty lean mean cooking machine. I've been told we're almost frightening to watch because we're so in sync there's really not much talking...er, or just that he's very good about letting me boss him around.

    1. After work, exhausted, doing a million other things at the same time. Thinking about other stuff, distracted, maybe talking on the phone. Snacking, keeping up with the dishes as I go, running out to clip some fresh herbs or vacuum the bedroom while the chicken browns. Now that I think about it, it's amazing things come out edible and I don't lose a finger.

      1. I love a dedicated day to cooking. I choose recipes the night before, shop early in the morning, come home to put on comfortable cloths, and I'm ready!

        1. I also love to spend an afternoon cooking, baking especially as that is always a new adventure for me. :)

          I wear comfy clothes, usually jeans and a tee shirt and flats/sneaks. I can't stand aprons, if I'm careful I rarely spill on myself.

          I like back ground noise, usually music or TV, now it's the chatter of SO.

          I adore help! SO doesn't mind cooking and so more often than not, he's helping me somehow.

          I have to have EVERYTHING out. I'm not crazy about mis en place, but I like to have all the tools and ingredients out. Then, I put them away after I'm finished using them.

          And finally, and most importantly, I always taste, taste, taste!! I never get hungry cooking all day! :)


          1. Apron on for sure, answering e-mail, cruising CH....the laptop is where I can see it at all times and is always on, letting the dogs out, letting the dogs back in repeat, repeat. If DH around the television might be on but not when I am by my self. I may have a CD going Dixie Chicks, 60-70's rock, jazz, old Broadway musicals, quite a gamut there. Constantly wiping down counters nad washing my hands. seems like I deal with a lot of dough and raw meat. Always cleaning as I go.