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Birthday Cake Recommendations - Cobble Hill

Last year, for our son's first birthday we got overwhelming recommendations for Monteleone's for a birthday cake, so that is where we went. It was not only delicious, but excellently priced. Well, since they're done, we need a new spot for a cake, preferably not well overpriced. In other words, I know Sweet Melissa's and Downtown Atlantice, for 2 examples, have great cakes, but we don't really feel like spending that kind of money on a 2 year old's birthday cake. Any recs would be appreciated.

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  1. You might try Marquet or Baked. There's also Almondine in DUMBO. Not sure if they do cakes. I guess these places aren't so cheap however. I have noticed that Downtown Atlanic has those huge cupckes in the window, maybe you could do something with cupcakes. OR try an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry's?

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      Ben and Jerry's doesn't make a great cake. We looked last year.

      MArquet or baked aren't cheap. We got a cake from downtown Atlantic for a friend's birthday, essentially like a giant cupcake, for $125 with no decorations on the top.

      If push came to shove, we could just get a bunch of cupcakes from them, but I'd like more. Maybe we will end up with a Carvel cake, which can be had in the Pathmark at the Atlantic Market (where Target is).

    2. I love the chocolate cakes at Caputo's on Court near Sackett, very close to Monteleone's (lemon ices, RIP). Inexpensive, delicious, and kid-birthday-appropriate. Marquet's cakes are beautiful, but I can't see paying those prices for a 2 year old either.

      1. There was a very similar thread on this board recently with some interesting suggestions. Not sure if this is the one I was thinking of but it might be helpful:


        1. We got an enormous 12" birthday cake at Two Little Red Hens on 8th Avenue for about $85: it could easily have served 32 people. (Definitely trust their assessment on how many people a cake will generously feed!)


          They let you choose from standard cake, filling & icing flavors, so you can mix & match. We got lemon cake & filling with lemon creme icing. Not only was it absolutely delicious, but the thing was a work of art, covered in exquisite icing flowers.

          1. Matt, cant really tell where you are coming from on this or who the consumers of the cake will be(adults or kids) or how big.

            Costco's cakes are a bargain, maybe $15 for a huge sheet cake and you can order them custom decorated ahead of time. Frankly, they are as good as most of the bakery cakes around (I am exluding bakeries that actually make butter icing with butter, a rare breed) tho they dont have any snob appeal at all.

            they also sell a chocolate layer cake that looks nice tho Ive never tried.

            There are latin bakeries on 5th in the 40s which make decorated cakes too which might have some kitsch appeal - I like the generally heavier texture of these white cakes and they will make them "tres leches" if you want

            Finally, when I was recently away on vacation, my husband "made" his first cake out of a mix we had in the closet - he commented that making "something special" was pretty easy - it is.

            1. ALMONDINE in DUMBO makes delicious and beautiful special occasion cakes. Reasonably priced at under $3 per adult serving.

              HAAGEN DAZS on Montague Street makes large birthday cakes to order.

              I know BUBBIES in DUMBO has lots of birthday parties. You might inquire if they make cakes to order.

              1. I've done the gamut of birthday cakes in Brooklyn. Started with Sweet Melissa's - they are gorgeous but too fancy for kids (they did make me the most beautiful cake for a baby shower though). Then went the opposite direction with Costco. Then to the Mexican bakeries on 5th avenue in Sunset Park. For the past couple of years, I've been going to Two Little Red Hens (as another poster suggested). It's more expensive than Costco or the mexican bakeries, but the cakes are delicious and huge. And not as frou-frou as SM's.

                1. Two Little Red Hens might fit the bill, although still a tad more expensive than Monteleone's, but less so than Sweet Melissa's, Marquette, Downtown Atlantic, and the like. Ultimately, we are talking about I guess a sheet cake with buttercream icing and a design (i.e. Elmo).

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                    Uh, I'm looking at the 2LRH price list and a half sheet cake at $167 seems a tad expensive to me. (I do like their cakes though.) Just wanted to point you to Buttercup Bakery to check out. It's not in Brooklyn, but they have a half sheet cake for $65 with a few extra charges for decoration. I haven't been in a couple years, but I remember the cupcakes being ok.
                    Sugar Sweet Sunshine has a half-sheet for $60.

                    It's hard to believe there aren't more inexpensive options available in the neighborhood. Have you checked Cafe Scaramouche or Court Pastry? Could Fairway do something for you? Or JollyBeBakery.com? (Though her cakes are fancy, she might have a budget price for a sheetcake.)

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                      Another option is a bakery in Tribeca called Umanoff & Parsons. They mostly do wholesale for cakes and pies, but a small retail corner in their factory takes custom orders for sheet cake.

                      Their cakes are excellent and they offer several size options that might be more flexible for you. No Elmo, though, from what I can tell.

                  2. Tazza (Henry St. just north of Atlantic) has the best cakes in the neighborhood, but they're not cheap. You might be able to get away with a few (equally good) cupcakes, though.

                    The other suggestion I is the new Blue Pig ice cream place, also on Henry St. (and Cranberry St., I think). I haven't tried their cakes, but the ice cream is of good quality, and it looked like some of the cakes were priced under $20.

                    1. One other thought is Margaret Palca, on Columbia Street. I don't know exact prices, but I'm guessing it would be less than Sweet Melissa or Marquet. I've always found them to be very easy to work with.

                      1. We ordered a cake for an 11 year old from Ben and Jerrys and it was great. She ordered chocolate and peanut butter cup ice cream and everyone loved it.

                        1. I would try FAIRWAY . They are very accomadating and their baked goods are very good.

                          1. I'd give Fairway a try, too. I picked up a few tarts from their bakery for a party and they were very good and about half the price of the bakeries mentioned above. I don't know about the cakes, but I think the quality of their baked goods is high overall.

                            1. What about Cake Man Raven in Fort Greene? He does fancy specialty cakes too but it's also a neighborhood bakery, and they probably get a lot of kids' birthday-cake calls. Otherwise, I'd try Court Street Pastry or Caputo's.

                              1. How about Villabate in Bensonhurst? Totalk kitch appeal and I had an amazing 'cannoli' cake from there for my baby shower...it was awesome...vanilla cake, filled with cannoli cream and had little canollis all around the edge. If you can't tell, I LOVE cannolis. Villabate also has amazing pastries and all very reasonable. The cake we got was around 30 bucks I think and fed 25 generously.


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                                  Thanks for this and other suggestions. I really would like to stay somewhere in the neighborhood, as I don't want to be travelling more than a couple of minutes with a cake in the car. I think I will be checking out Fairway first. I have yet to go there, so the exact location would be appreciated.

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                                    Here is the link for Fairway location/directions in Red Hook


                                    Is it a big party that you are having?

                                    Good luck!

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                                      Their online catering menu has prices. Half sheet for $55.

                                2. don't know if this is too late- but you might want to try lassens and hennigs on montague st in brook. heights. Their stuff is good- and reasonable. I got someone a giant black and white cookie cake from there last year and it was only about $15.

                                  1. By the way, here's an update. Fairway makes sheet cakes, but they don't do the kind of decorations you would want for a kiddie party (icing is about it for them). But, Pathmark at the Atlantic terminal actual seems to do a nice job. We haven't decided if that's where we'll end up, but it won't be Fairway.

                                    The good news is, this prompted us to finally head over to Fairway at least. We loved it.

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                                      I too have run the gamut of carroll gardens/cobble hill places looking for kid's b-day cakes (RIP college bakery; come back soon,m monteleone's) for what it's worth, here are my two cents:

                                      for price/value/taste/kid appeal, you can't beat costco. they have sheet cakes with choices of cake, filling, icing, and many many kid friendly decorations.

                                      however, if you are not a costco person or that is just too far, then i would look into Margaret Palca.

                                      Also, the cupcakes sold at bagel world are (or used to be, anyway) baked by the owner's mother or someone like that. I once talked to her about doing some for my son's b-day, so she might be willing to make a cake for you.

                                      Oh, and one more place to check is cafe scaramouche on court and huntington. I haven't used them, but i hear they have nice cakes and quite reasonable. I believe the owners/bakers are argentinian.