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Aug 14, 2006 01:58 PM

mieng kum (Thai appetizer) in DC/Nova?

A friend just asked me the below question. Any suggestions in DC, or Arlington, or if not, in nearby NoVa like Bailey's 7 corners, etc? I will recommend getting the ingradients at Bangkok 54's store or Eden Center...but if a nearby restaurant has it, that is great.

I had a very nice assemble-it-yourself Thai appetizer "mieng kum" or
"mieng khum" out in San Francisco. Do you know of any Thai
restaurants in the Arlington/DC area that offer this?

Recipe at


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  1. I think you can find this at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church. Call before to make sure. I don't know of any other place that serves it, though it is simply a variation on nam prik which is served everywhere.

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      Not so sure about that. Nam prik refers to a condiment which is, basically, chili sauce. Meang kum, however, are little roll-your-own Thai burritos. You fill a leaf with various items (peanuts, coconut, lime, ginger, onion, chili, shrimp), pour in a little sweet sauce, roll the sucker up, and pop it in your mouth.

      Urban Thai, in Crystal City, used to have meang kum on the menu. Sadly, though, I think I may have been the only person ordering it, and they no longer have it available. Although, the ingredients are all standard and the folks there are incredibly nice. They might be willing to put the dish together anyway.

    2. Cajun Bangkok used to have this dish on its appetizer menu, but sadly that restaurant is now gone. The sauce is definitely not the same as nam prik; instead it is a sweet, salty, tangy sauce that is not actually spicy at all. There is a recipe for it in Thai Cooking, the enormous Thai cookbook that came out a few years ago.

      Anyway, if you ask at Thai Square you can often get it, as you can probably at any place that is run by real Thais who might very well eat it themselves. It's served as a street food in Thailand, so some restaurants may consider it a bit declasse to serve on their highfalutin' menu.

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        I think the guy who operated Cajun Bangkok now operates Bangkok Blues in Falls Church, which explains why they probably still have that appetizer on the menu. Nam prik usually involves chili and shrimp in some fashion, perhaps dried or as a paste. In any event all that's really missing is the lettuce or other large green leaves to make the wrap.

      2. On weekends, I've seen both at Bangkok54 and Duangrat's GROCERY stores had the pre-package set of Mieng Kum for sale. I would call ahead in advance for availability though.

        1. I am having one now, I found it at Bangkok 54 a few weeks ago and there s a number on the package. I called the number and found out that I know the lady who made it. Its very good, close to what I had in Thailand! She sell it $5 per package and she only make them on saturday morning only. I cant put her number out here but you can mail me at maxinedc at aol . com and i will give you her number. She is in springfield VA She also make some other thai snacks too She gave me this banana pudding thai style and some coconut dessert.. very good