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Aug 14, 2006 01:25 PM

cleveland hamburgers

Hello fellow carnivores,

I just moved to the Cleveland area and am wondering if someone can tell me where I can get my jaws around the best burger in town...

Thank you!

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  1. the best burgers are in cheap, greasy small places like bars. I recommend Becky's on E. 18th & Chester and The Little Bar, which is owned by Johnny's downtown, one of the nicest restaurants in Cleveland - they often take their leftover premium meats and grind them for their burgers. They are in the small alleyway next to Johnny's, which is on W. 6th street downtown.

    1. If you're willing to pay for an upscale hamburger, try Moxie in Beachwood. It's on the East Side, in the suburbs, so maybe it isn't convenient to you.

      1. First, I have to admit that I don't eat a lot of burgers. But I've been researching an expedition to find Cleveland's best burger. I've been delayed by various and sundry other food quests. In the mean time, my notes may be of use. As far as burgers that I can personally vouch for, I like the club or the patty melt at Your's Truly. (Hopefully that doesn't disqualify me as an expert.)

        As far as all the burgers I've yet to sample, I think that there's a lot of promise. Swensen's was called the best cheeseburger in America by none other than R.W. Apple the legendary Times journalist and food writer. Cleveland has also very recently been admitted into the fraternity of cities with a Fatburger franchise.

        The Brass Tap offers a flight of burgers that changes regularly.

        The rest of these all come recommended in reviews or burger roundups from the local daily or one of the two free weeklies. Here's a list with a map:

        I haven't crossed Steak N Shake or Irv's off the list yet but I have sampled them and your time is probably best spent somewhere else.

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        1. re: stuart

          Brass Tap didn't last long. The location is now part of the Cleats chain.

          I'd say Little Bar is the best burger I've ever had.

        2. bearden's on lake rd in rocky river is definitely worth checking out.

          1. back in the days i would have said HECKS in ohio city, but i dk anymore. try it, even if it has slid, it is a pleasant place to eat with outdoor seating in a very pretty nabe.

            sorry i dont have an eternally killer pub burger to tout as some cities do!

            as mentioned SWENSONS in akron, LITTLE BAR in the warehouse nabe & BEARDENS in rocky river are all great choices too.

            i would also rec you try burgers at the local steakhouses like the new one RED, the landmark JOHN Q downtown on public square and maybe the local HYDE PARK chain. steakhouses generally make superbly good burgers.

            please do report back!