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Aug 14, 2006 01:08 PM

Sushi near Nob Hill?


Any good Sushi around Nob Hill?


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  1. My favorite little spot is Sushi Rapture on Washington and Leavenworth. Fresh Sushi. It's not traditional, but a good little neighborhood spot where just the owners work there and they know everyones name.

    1. Sushi Rock on Polk and Sacramento is fine.

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      1. re: Chris Rising

        I have to disagree about Sushi Rock and would actually tell folks to avoid that place. I was served some really mushy hamachi rolls the one time I went in and actually sniffed it right there in the restaurant (trying to be as subtle as possible) because the consistency of the fish was so slimy that I thought it was bad. Additionally, the plates were warm and so was the sushi rice. I've only been once, but I won't go back. I've read too many negative reviews backing my opinion.

        I love sushi and eat it every couple months but I'm not sure I'd be able to recognize "traditional" sushi or write about it as eloquently as some of our fellow hounds do...but I really like Ryoko's on Taylor between Sutter and Post. It's a casual, kinda cavernous place (looks like it was a tavern in a previous life) with a very sincere, service oriented staff. The fish is impecably fresh and, though it may be a little slow on delivery, well presented. Sit at the bar and order some catch of the day.

        1. re: Chris Rising

          Please avoid Sushi Rock. It the only sushi bar i've tried that was worse than supermarket cold case sushi; much worse. I don't have any recs for Nob Hill but nearby Russian hill has Okoze at Union and Hyde. The sushi there is terrific, the maki is not as good.

        2. I agree about Sushi Rock. It is horrible. Go to Okoze in Russian Hill. Very graceful place. Beautifully prepared sushi. Serene.

          Sushi Rapture is okay. I've noticed some inconsistencies lately, so have switched to Okoze and have not been disappointed.

          1. I agree with the Okoze recommendation. Ate there last night by myself so didn't get to sample as many things as usual, but their Golden Dinosaur (uni fried in shiso leaves) is unparalleled. Pretty setting, fabulous sushi, and it's no longer so empty that I fear for its survival as I used to. Not cheap, but worth it.

            1. Sanraku's on Sutter and... Taylor? Terrific sushi, although it's a crowded space. Slightly up the hill, on taylor between Post and Sutter, is Ryoko, which is a fun little sushi place that feels like an old speakeasy.