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Aug 14, 2006 12:52 PM

Ice Cream, North of Boston: Benson's

After reading an article in yesterday's Globe about the fresh peach and blueberry ice creams at Benson's in West Boxford we took a ride up there to sample them. The article stressed that Benson's was one of the few places that uses local peaches, and local, wild blueberries. The ice cream was wonderfully rich and fresh, but the flavor wasn't nearly as intense as I expected. Actually pretty bland. And not as good, I think, as Kimball Farms in Bedford.

Any recommendations on where to get fresh peach ice cream?

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  1. I agree about the peach ice cream at Benson's. Not a really strong flavor. I went on an "ice cream safari" last year, and LOVED Mad Maggies in North Reading. It is on Rte 28, near the 125 intersection. Homemade ice cream- and they have flavors of the week. Not sure if they have peach, but I think they have a website, and you couled give them a call. Small place, but great ice cram.
    I am also a fan of Richardson's on 114 in Middleton. AGain, it is probably worth a call first, as am not sure if they have seasonal flavors.
    Good luck!

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      Thanks, Macca. Haven't been to Mad Maggie's yet but it's definitely on my list.

    2. "Wonderfully rich and fresh" is definitely the right description for Benson's Ice Cream. It always tastes like it was just made that morning! The coconut is really is the Banana. And the kahlua brownie.

      I like Mad Maggie's in North Reading, too and I also like Meletharb's and Ron's Gourmet. And that place in Dorchester, I forget the name. And Richardson's. And Bedford Farms and Kimballs. And Shaw's Farm and Rancatore's and Lizzy's. let's see, what ice cream DON'T I like? I guess Treadwell's is pretty much a yawn, and Cabot's.

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      1. FYI, Kimballs is not located in Bedford...

        You're probably thinking of their Carlisle location -

        Kimball Farm Ice Cream
        343 Bedford Rd
        Carlisle, MA 01741
        (978) 369-1910

        The best location is their original Westford location (located on the Westford/Littleton town line). You can find Mini Golf (though it's expensive -- $10 last I looked), a driving range, bumper boats, and some sheep and llamas the kids can pet. It's gotten quite big in the last year.

        Kimball Farm
        400 Littleton Rd
        Westford, MA 01886
        (978) 486-4944

        There's also locations in Jaffrey, NH and Saco, ME that I only recently found out about.

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        1. re: Keithel

          I didn't say they were located in Bedford

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            Oh, my bad. I read that wrong. Sorry!

        2. I've tried four of the flavors Benson's makes with local fresh fruits. The peach and red raspberry are OK. They taste fresh and creamy, but they don't sing with flavor. The peach, especially, would benefit from chunks of fruit. IMO, that's a requirement for good peach ice cream. Their strawberry is solid, but the big winner is their fresh blueberry. It's easily the best of the four fresh flavors that I've tried.

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            Well, maybe I will try them again. Last year I had the peach, and as you and others have said, they were ok, but not great. May be worth it to try the blueberry