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Aug 14, 2006 12:23 PM

Best place to buy prime rib


Dad's 60th birthday is coming up and I wanted to cook a really special meal. Does it make a difference where I get it from? Only 'high end' place I can think of is Lobel's. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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  1. Go to 9th Avenue: Esposito's at 38th or Cousins at 39th. Excellent meats, custom cuts, friendly service and good advice!

    1. Grace's Marketplace is excellent...highest quality, great service...expensive but worth it...up there with Lobel's & better than Citarella's IMO

      1. warning: outer borough recommendation

        I got a really good prime rib at the Flushing Western Beef. Ask the butcher there, he appreciates rib roasts and will cut one for you to whatever size you like.

        1. check out fairway you wont be disappointed!!!!!

          1. Lobel's is frighteningly expensive, but their rib steaks and roasts, in particular, are the best.