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Aug 14, 2006 07:51 AM

'Tis the Season for Zong Zi, Joong, Bak Chang...

The Dragon Boat festival is upon us again. Where are folks' favorite zong zi, joong, bak chang, etc. of all shapes, sizes, sweet or savory, and regionalities?

Shanghai-style zong zi -

Zong Zi (Zhong, Joong, Bak Chang) Round Up -

More about the Dragon Boat Festival -

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  1. I like Taiwanese style Zong Zi, you can usually find them at Marina Market or 99 Ranch(not recommending or saying they're the best). Taiwanese style has soy and five spice powder in the rice. Some put chestnuts, stewed fat back, egg inside, dry shrimp and mushrooms.

    If you have other sources of good Taiwanese style Zong Zi please share.

    1. ooh, yes recommendations please! my landlady brought me some outstanding homemade ones once, with smoked pork. I droolingly devoured them.

      my dad had just died, so she calls and says I want to bring you over some tamele. my east coast brain translated that as tomalley?

      this was a hong kong style.

      since it is such an art to make them, this would be a wonderful mini-class at city college, sur la table or draeger's.

      Oops, is that drool on this message?

      1. Sogo Tofu in San Jose (S. De Anza Blvd), the owners who are Hakka Taiwanese, might have Taiwanese style vegan zong zi, call ahead and ask.

        About a year to two ago, the Millbrae Ming Tai had it as a special (HK style). Didn't have it but the waitresses were trying to push their sale.

        1. gary soup, chow fun, others i would really like a response to this. I hope it is not a dying art.

          1. Maybe I am confused with my Chinese festivals. Isn't Dragon Boat festival in May of the lunar calender? I just made a huge batch of joong awhile back. Also the SF Chronicle had an article on it.

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              The Dragon Boat festival is the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar. In 2006, this fell on May 31. In other years it's usually some time in June. I forgot about it this year with every thing else I had going on duringn that period. In any case, as long as the boats are still on the water, which is from about May to September, I like to think of it as dragon boat time and time for joong.

              1. re: PBSF

                The "official" Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York was last weekend.