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Aug 14, 2006 07:39 AM

Tofu Festival, Any thoughts?

I know more than half of you attended this weekend's Tofu Festival. Was there any particular dish that stood out for you? I only tried the Grand Marnier, glazed almond slivers, strawberries over soft tofu from Maison Akira. Very light but I liked it. Perfect for hot weather.

I also got a tub of soy yogurt ice cream. mmm not great. Too heavy. I thought a whole tub was a deal for 2 bucks but ended up trying get friends to finish it up.

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  1. We tried the Japanese flavor, fried tofu...very dry but the sauce was sweet, tofu sub (you could tell it wasn't meat-based), and ice cream with soy (just ok). I was a little disappointed, but I guess for the experience, it was a "good to know".

    1. My favourite turned out to be the tofu tostadas. I went back for seconds. Their recipe is on the web. Fun experience throughout but way too hot unfortunately.

      1. Went to izayoi by chance that night - missed the festival
        had a great tofu dish - sweet dengaku miso atop their homemade tofu. The miso is almost seared to the top of the dish, making it like an incredible savory creme brulee with a sweet miso topping.

        GREAT. I have no idea what dengaku miso is but i can attest that it's delicious.
        at last at izayoi (central between 1st and 2nd, free parking in the office depot lot)

        1. i second the tofu tostada, but i also enjoyed the lobster balls. none of the dishes really wowed me, but the day was all about hanging out and trying to accumulate as much tofu-related swag as possible.

          1. I liked the fried tofu with scallions from Blue Hen.

            The Tofu Katsu Curry from curry house was interesting. The Tofu Katsu reminded me of those bland chicken fried steaks that they serve in school cafeterias.

            The pizza was tofu okonomiyaki, a little too eggy and not as good as last year's version.

            Dengaku miso is just miso sweetened with sugar. Nasu Dengaku is very popular dish of broiled eggplant with dengaku miso on top. Very delicious!