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Aug 14, 2006 07:14 AM

Clarke's in Evanston

Is it still open? I live in Cali now but my best friend and I always reminisce about the tomato soup. Anyone know the recipe so I might be able to recreate it?


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  1. It is still open - do not know about their tomato soup though - I go their mostly for breakfast -

    1. Not sure about the tomato soup recipe.

      FYI: There are two Clarke's locations in Chicago; On Belmont (avoid this one for the service is terrible)just east of Sheffield.

      Clarke's on Lincoln Avenue one block north of Fullerton.
      Both are open late.

      Also try these breakfast restaurants:

      Evanston; Le Peep is very good for a chain. My favorite skillet is the Desparado with the Southwestern green chilies and chorizo sausage, potato's, tomato's, onions, etc.

      Wilmette: Walker Brother for pancakes

      The Four Season's for brunch/I hear it's pretty amazing.
      Wishbone: West Washington or try the northside location on Lincoln and School Street. Great southern and Cajun inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
      M.Henry on North Clark Street in Edgewater/northside.
      Cafe Selmarie for french inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
      Located in charming Lincoln Square
      Ina's on West Randolph Street. Her pancakes are unbelievable (
      She calls them by another name though. These are the very best I've tried...even better than the Original House of Pancakes on Bellview at Rush Street in the Gold Coast).
      Tempo Restaurant on State street in the Gold Coast. Also serves tasty Greek Food. Great Greek Ommelette with Feta. Open late night
      Nookies Too: Open late night

      1. I just ate at Clarke's last night and had my favorite tomato soup there. I googled around for the recipe with no luck. Does anyone happen to have this recipe now, a year and a half later?