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If you're in Rowland Heights have you seen this place - paomo?

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OK. I've had this in a private home - it's a famous dish from Xi'An and the chineseypage says there's a place in Rowland Heights that serves it - no name in ENglish the listing is just
同盛祥泡饃小館 2707 Valley Blvd. Rowland Heights
(transliterates into Tongshengxian PaoMo xiaoguan)
For info, it's a wheat cake that you tear into little pieces and then have with a flavorful lamb soup. Descriptions:
There's a chinese wikipedia article on it at

And there's a nearly incomprehensible google assisted translation that is like surreal poetry.
the original Tongshengxian is a famous restaurant in Xi'An that serves the dish - paomo is the bread - yangrou paomo is the dish - beef and lamb soup with the bread.
So if anyone is in the area - I got out there rarely, and you're interested, please check it out and post it here.

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  1. This is the epitome of peasant food (which is not to say that it isn't delicious when/if done right).

    1. agreed. in a way, like congee which is pretty rustic as well.

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        Congee mixed with preserved cucumbers and dried, shredded pork ... heaven.

      2. hmm looks interesting. although i rarely make the trek that far east to eat. some unusual mainland chinese food tho would be worth it.

        1. This looks interesting.

          I live in the area, and I'll scope out the area to see where the restaurant is. A Google Maps search seems to point to the corner of Valley and Nogales.

          1. Oh wow, thanks for the bump. The pictures and description sound DELISH. I don't live too near the SGV but my parents and I go there often enough to visit relatives... I'll definitely bring this up with them!!

            1. "And there's a nearly incomprehensible google assisted translation that is like surreal poetry.

              This is hilarious! What the heck is "a large sum of foam"???