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Aug 14, 2006 06:07 AM

If you're in Rowland Heights have you seen this place - paomo?

OK. I've had this in a private home - it's a famous dish from Xi'An and the chineseypage says there's a place in Rowland Heights that serves it - no name in ENglish the listing is just
同盛祥泡饃小館 2707 Valley Blvd. Rowland Heights
(transliterates into Tongshengxian PaoMo xiaoguan)
For info, it's a wheat cake that you tear into little pieces and then have with a flavorful lamb soup. Descriptions:
There's a chinese wikipedia article on it at

And there's a nearly incomprehensible google assisted translation that is like surreal poetry.
the original Tongshengxian is a famous restaurant in Xi'An that serves the dish - paomo is the bread - yangrou paomo is the dish - beef and lamb soup with the bread.
So if anyone is in the area - I got out there rarely, and you're interested, please check it out and post it here.

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  1. This is the epitome of peasant food (which is not to say that it isn't delicious when/if done right).

    1. agreed. in a way, like congee which is pretty rustic as well.

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        Congee mixed with preserved cucumbers and dried, shredded pork ... heaven.

      2. hmm looks interesting. although i rarely make the trek that far east to eat. some unusual mainland chinese food tho would be worth it.

        1. This looks interesting.

          I live in the area, and I'll scope out the area to see where the restaurant is. A Google Maps search seems to point to the corner of Valley and Nogales.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Oh wow, thanks for the bump. The pictures and description sound DELISH. I don't live too near the SGV but my parents and I go there often enough to visit relatives... I'll definitely bring this up with them!!