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Aug 14, 2006 05:27 AM

Got Lucky in Sacto

On my way to the farmer's market this morning. 10 AM, I'm running late. I'm on the freeway but you see the haze about a quarter of a mile ahead. It's the Japanese Food Bazaar!! I slow down and open the window. Teriyaki Chicken smells fill the car. Everyone is slowing down. I go to the FM get some peaches (great), corn, flowers and a tomatoe. I'll have breakfast at the Japanese Bazaar, an annual treat. I get there at 11 AM. There are a few people there but it's kinda empty, no lines. I get a box of the Chef's Choice Sushi and a Sapporo beer. 10 bucks and a tip. I said, "Where is everyone?" He said "We don't open until twelve but no problem." :) At about a quarter to twelve the lines were starting to form, I had finished and was leaving.

This was the 60 year anniversary. Can you imagine starting that in 1946, just out of the camps. What a great culture and great friends we have here in Sacramento.

Great breakfast too. "Sushi, The Breakfast of Champions."


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  1. We had wanted to go but got sidetracked. Well, I am guessing they'll do it again next year.

    1. lucky guy! Wish I would've been feeling well enough to go. I read about it in the paper. I gotta would not have floated my boat yesterday..or today.

      I also read that Sacramento is the most diverse city in the USA. I bet that would surprise a few other cities!

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        Yes, the 2000 Census showed that Sacramento was, per capita, the most ethnically diverse city in the US by a pretty large margin. Which is why there's such good southeast asian & latin food here.

      2., the BEST Greek Food Festival every Labor Day weekend...I am already cleaning out my freezer for the pastries!!!!!!!!

        1. Don't forget the Punjabi Heritage Festival in Yuba City on Memorial Day weekend, only an hour away. Great Indian food!

          1. Punjabi Heritage Festival in Yuba City on Memorial Day weekend? hey, I'm marking my calendar for that one!