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Aug 14, 2006 04:18 AM

Restaurant week DC--is it worth it?

I'm visiting DC this week. Should I go out of my way to try the "special" menus? I know when they have restaurant week in NYC some restaurants skimp on portions and put some of the less desirable dishes on the special menus.

Any recommendations/warnings for restaurants participating in restaurant week?

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    1. Oh yeah and crab a crabcake at CF folks for ain't baltimore but it's quite good by most any standards.

      1. Just got back from lunch at Cafe MoZU. It was definitely worth it. Between the great food, the perfect service, and the nice, nice view: it was worth much more than $20.06.

        I had:
        Asian Vichyssoise (made with burdock and carrot)
        Chicken and shrimp tagine with coconut couscous
        Pineapple upside down cake

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          I just got back from my first RW meal -- lunch at Harry's Essential Grille in Tysons Corner. The food was good to very good, and for the money 'twas a good deal.