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Aug 14, 2006 03:56 AM

Justin's Rajin Cajun

Does anyone know if Justin from Rajin Cajun that use to be on Cave Creek landed anywhere?

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  1. There hasn't been anything regarding Justin's Rajin Cajun in quite some time. Last I heard, he was in partnership with someone planning to open in Scottsdale last fall, but nothing materialized.

    Then, on CitySearch, an address near 7th Street and Deer Valley Road in Phoenix showed up, but that turned out to be a residence.

    I just checked the old website address and it stated the domain is now for sale.

    Taking that all in to consideration, I think Justin's Ragin Cajus is now just a part of Valley history.

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    1. re: Seth Chadwick

      If some additional details help, Justin Chacon was reportedly partnering with Jimmy Carlin to open "Justin's" in N. Scottsdale. It was supposed to open last September. I think anything in which Carlin is involved will get reported by the AZ Republic.

    2. I believe that Justin is working with Jimmy Carlin at Blue Wasabi and that there is still hope for a new restaurant. I really do miss the Ragin' Cajun.