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Aug 14, 2006 03:19 AM

Mo's Seafood Factory best crabcake?

A group of us are walking around Fel's Point/inner harbor. We ask a valet driver to recommend a place for crabcakes. He recommended Mo's Seafood Factory. I thought the food was awful. THe vegatable tasted like they were just boiled in water. The crabcakes had plenty of crab but were huge globs of crab and mayo. The people I was with swore these were great crabcakes. Is this the best in Baltimore?

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  1. Good God man...absolutely, positively NOT. Go to this thread for advice for starters.

    I recommend the lump crabcakes at Faidley's in Lexington Market. I no longer recommend G&M's. A lot of folks here have other favorites. Not once have I seen Mo's among them.

    Faidley's and Mama's on the Half Shell are favorites. I believe I have seen Henninger's mentioned quite favorably in crabcake discussion as well.

    1. Run, run like the wind!
      What Lowbar said and even pubs like Dudas have good crab cakes but Mo's, no way!

      1. I have checked back on earlier posts regarding crab cakes and no one seems to mention Crisfield's off Georgia Avenue any more. Any comments?

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          Crisfield's never had great crabcakes. Their other selections were always good, with the best being baked stuffed shrimp and stuffed flounder. Haven't eaten there in years, so no current comments.

        2. This is an interesting article regarding Crisfield's:

          1. Crisfield's crab cakes aren't very good. It's an old place and I think the food is overpriced. Reminds me of Kushner's, a seafood restaurant on Piney Branch Road that's no longer with us.