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Aug 14, 2006 03:07 AM

Do you have a favorite soy sauce?

ANy exquisite varieties, brands out there? besides rn of the mill kimlan, kikko, and yamasa?

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  1. I usually stick with Kikkoman. I can't stand LaChoy.

    1. Pearl River Bridge is the best. Findable in Chinese markets like 99 Ranch in So. Cal.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          I cook with Pearl River while my table soy is Kikkoman.

          1. re: Bob Brooks

            And of the Pearl River Bridge light soy sauces, the purple label premium light is worth the extra few nickels. For Chinese soy sauce, it's the bomb.

            I use Aloha for poke and Yamasa (the imported stuff that says "sashimi soy sauce" on the bottle) for Japanese food.

          2. One of the big brands (I want to say Kimlam) makes a more expensive bottle labeled "Super Special Soy Sauce." It costs at least twice as much as any other bottle of the same size, but the flavor is much better. Less pure salt and more complex flavors. It's definitely the best soy sauce I've purchased. It's not available in all markets, but most big Asian markets have it. It's a glass bottle with a yellow cap.

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              Yes, it's Kimlan and it's made in Taiwan. All of their soy sauces are superior to commercially available brands, and you can find them in most cities in the U.S. -- including Tulsa -- and not only in Asian markets either. It's fermented for 6 months.

            2. It depends on the kind of soy sauce you want. There are several different main types. Important differences between Japanese shoyu and tamari and Chinese light and dark soy sauces. All are great for different things. Pearl River Bridge is the Chinese brand I tend to buy. I tend to go with San-J for Japanese, but Eden (US) is getting good marks IIRC.

              1. I use San-J for everything I want soy sauce on.