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Aug 14, 2006 02:52 AM

Support Local Nashville Restaurants

Anyone from Nashville knows that it is hard to find a independant, consistantly good place to eat that stays in business more than a year. Here are some that I would hate to lose, how about you? Please try to support them the best that you can and add to the list.

The Standard
Park Cafe

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  1. Agreed. Unfamiliar with the Standard. What/where is it?

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      Although I haven't tried it yet, I read an article about it in the Tennessean:

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've become very fond of Noshville, either location. My New Yorker parents make fun of it trying to be all New Yorkish, and failing miserably, but I like its quirkiness. And my daughter basically owns the place on Sunday mornings.

        I'm looking forward to Nero's, in the old Green Hills Grille location. Speaking of which, the old Green Hills Grille was pretty fine, but haven't been to the new location. Bistro 215 is really nice too.

        I'll echo the Zola recommendation. Love it. Midtown is always fantastic.

        Downtown - Jack's is hard to beat. Haven't been to Parco in the new place yet - I've heard it's swell. The Greek Touch in the arcade is great for lunch. Merchants has always been great whenever I've gone. Sole Mio can be really special.

        There are a lot more too!